The Useless Emotion

Based on the response yesterday, we all love to hate the Proverbs 31 woman. But why? One person on Twitter said, "How many of us like to be compared to an ideal," which is so true. No one likes to come up short. Comparison isn't so bad when we know we're doing well. However, when … Continue reading The Useless Emotion


"I feel like I don't know you anymore!" The words repeat in my head as I ponder actions and words in disbelief. What once was so familiar and comfortable now feels crooked and awkward. Like a favorite shirt that shrunk in the wash; the fabric remains the same, but the fit is all wrong. People … Continue reading {Remission}

On Love

As much as this little boy loves his froggie... Carrying it with him around the house. Cuddling with it on the sofa while watching cartoons. Setting it beside him while he colors on paper (and cars, and remotes, and iPhones...yes, iPhones). Making sure that it's there when he goes to sleep at night. As much … Continue reading On Love


There is a certain tight rope quality to being involved in social media. You want to be genuine, transparent, and real without falling into the TMI category. Those people who present a highly edited version of themselves are what gives online interactions a bad name, but so do the ones who provide¬†the intimate details of … Continue reading {balance}