3 Things I Learned {then Forgot} Through Fasting

And then Silas threw up on me... Anyone else sensing a trend? Thursday night last week, rather than spending the evening out at some fancy restaurant celebrating my ten year anniversary with my husband, I was sitting in a vomit-soaked sweatshirt at Urgent Care with Silas. He has pneumonia. Yes, it's sad. Yes, he's getting … Continue reading 3 Things I Learned {then Forgot} Through Fasting

P.S. I Love You

Expectations can kill relationships. An unspoken bar is set; a vision of what perfection entails becomes what must be. When Josh and I were in our pre-marital counseling, one of the exercises we participated in was systematically laying out those expectations we held as we entered into marriage. Who would do what around the house? … Continue reading P.S. I Love You

On Reading

Reading is the creative center of a writer's life. {Stephen King, On Writing} I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Reading has got to be one of my favorite hobbies, and one that I have neglected this past year. Anyone remember the book reading challenge I was doing? My goal for 2010 was … Continue reading On Reading

Pepper Jack, Food Network & Being Two

I'll never forget the day I discovered pepper jack cheese. An extended relation on my dad's side was getting married. With the pronouncement of Mr. and Mrs., the guests rushed from the outdoor garden to the reception area; escaping the heat and the bees. Weaving my way through dancing couples, I approached the buffet table … Continue reading Pepper Jack, Food Network & Being Two