My Marriage Was a Mistake

Every marriage hits rough patches. In those moments, there is a tendency to look back on events that seem to be a fork in the road. In our ten years of marriage, I have one memory that haunts me; a moment in time that I recall when the bumps seems more jolting than normal. Sitting … Continue reading My Marriage Was a Mistake

a well-placed {period}

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Growing up I heard stories from different family members about how they felt on their wedding day. Most were unsettled about the step before them. You could say this was hindsight because these stories were told to me after separation and divorce, but it weighed heavily on my mind as my wedding date neared. I … Continue reading {vow}

The Proposal

He was leaving. Over the summer we'd talked about getting married; we'd even found the ring. Yet here we were, two weeks until he was set to return to college, and he said he couldn't propose before he left. I had battled with God for a month about returning to school; my grandma's battle with … Continue reading The Proposal