my grown-up Christmas wish

This is mine... What's yours?  



I always buy white grape juice or apple juice. The thought behind my purchase is that when (not if) one of my four children spills the juice on the carpet -- even though we don't allow them to take juice out of the kitchen -- it will not stain because it's a clear liquid. Today... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks Late…

Today Elijah and Cora had their first day of school...almost two weeks after all the other kids in their class. Excitedly they put on their new clothes, carried their new backpacks full of school supplies and new lunch boxes full of enviable snacks. Cheesy grins and tilted heads came out for the obligatory "first-day-of-school" picture,... Continue Reading →

Eight Ways to Keep Your Marriage {and Children} Alive

Last week, two of my close friends delivered their firstborn child within days of each other. Overwhelmed by the amount of cute baby pictures being tossed around on Facebook, I also remembered how overwhelmed I felt as a first time mom. Suddenly I was responsible for keeping another human being alive! What if I dropped... Continue Reading →

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