Five Minute Friday: Dive

I find it appropriate that "dive" is the prompt for this week's Five Minute Friday. It's been quite awhile since I participated and I feel like I'm leaping into something again. So, here's 5 minutes of unedited free writing on "dive." GO Sometimes you hold your breath, protecting yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Sometimes you … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Dive


Being almost twelve years into marriage and over eight years into parenting, you'd think that the time for creating new family traditions would be done and over. However, most of our family traditions were forged in sunny Southern California where the weather and lifestyle is vastly different from the Pacific Northwest. Vastly different. This year, … Continue reading {timber}


I thought a lot about lemons today. That's a weird statement, right? Why would anyone want to think about lemons? I mean, it makes sense to think about lemons if you're making iced tea, lemonade or maybe fish. But really, lemons? But I did. I thought about how lemons can be both sweet and sour. … Continue reading Lemons

Five Minute Friday: Dance

Today I'm taking part in Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo's place. That means five minutes of writing on a central topic, and no going back to edit. The community there is inspiring and the different ways that the theme is interpreted are fun to explore. This week's theme is: dance Ready? GO Life is … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Dance