An Announcement

A little over three years ago our family moved from Southern California, where we had been for six years, back home to Washington state. We felt that God was calling us to new things and to grow deeper in our walk with Him. We were ready for whatever He wanted to do in us. Or... Continue Reading →


I’m thinking about getting a tattoo…

I'll be 33-years-old on Wednesday, and I think it's time I rebelled a little. I have an idea for one. Be Still {Know} written in brown script on my wrist. Probably my right wrist, because I'm left handed, so I spend a lot of time with my left arm facing down. And although I know... Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: Tender

Happy New Year! I know I'm a tad late, but life around my house has been anything but quiet. The combination of a cold/flu epidemic and the Seattle Snowpocalypse┬áhas left me feeling somewhat flat and completely exhausted. Therefore, a Five Minute Friday with the GypsyMama is exactly what the doctor ordered! Five minutes of uninterrupted... Continue Reading →

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