An Announcement

A little over three years ago our family moved from Southern California, where we had been for six years, back home to Washington state. We felt that God was calling us to new things and to grow deeper in our walk with Him. We were ready for whatever He wanted to do in us.


Or so we thought.

These last three years have been some of the hardest and most challenging we’ve had to walk through as a family. Nothing in our life felt stable. Without the support, encouragement, and guidance we found through our church family at Grace Church we honestly can say we might not have made it.

There have been moments over these last three years where we questioned God’s call on our life, our ability to hear from Him, and whether or not He had the best for us.


We also learned to trust Him when there’s no reason to trust Him, lean on others and not our own strengths, and to be humble. It was uncomfortable and we didn’t enjoy it, but we would not change the lessons we’ve learned, the relationships we’ve made, or the miracles we’ve experienced to go back and have it be easier.

2014 has been full of transition for our family. Beginning with my transition out as children’s pastor and community life pastor at Grace Church and continuing with our move out of our home to live with family in Puyallup. In just the last few months Josh & I have started jobs at Nordstrom and our four children began homeschooling.

As we prayed through each of these transitions, more and more we felt God leading us to a bigger transition that we could not have foreseen.

Back in May of this year, Josh and I felt strongly that we were being called to step into a different position of ministry than we had yet experienced, but one we were finally eager to embrace. As we’ve had conversations with leaders in our denomination, friends, and family we have watched God unfold effortlessly a path for us to follow.

So, what is this transition, you ask?
Next month our family will be moving to Colorado to take part in the church planting cohort there with the ultimate goal of planting a church.

We are eager and hopeful for what God has ahead of us. We are humbled and grateful that God continues to call us to serve His people. We are sad to leave behind the relationships that have been so meaningful to us these past few years, but expectant that those relationships can and will continue despite the miles between us.

Would you please pray for us? There are still many questions that we are patiently waiting on God to answer. The biggest of those in my mind right now is that we are still looking for a place for us to rent. So far our research hasn’t turned up much, but we know God has the place prepared.

Also, please pray for us that our children can make new friends and that we as a family can find community, because we can’t do this on our own. An added blessing is that both of our jobs allow us to transfer out to Denver, so that takes a huge load off.

We are so excited, heartbroken, eager, and overwhelmed by everything that is going on right now. But in the end we are so amazed at who our God is and how He loves us. That is what we want to show to others and that is what we are looking forward to the most.


13 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. It is amazing how in the midst of challenge and struggle, your family has blessed and ministered to mine – time and time again. My children would not be the young men they are today, without the positive godly roles that both you and Josh have played in their lives. Personally, I find you both to be sunshine on the cloudiest of days, as you so readily rave about the good you see in others – particularly my boys. 😊
    Your absence will be felt, and already is, but our prayers and joy go with you as you pursue the great things to which God has called you.
    Love you all,
    Shan and the fellas

    1. We love your boys! And I love you!! Thank you for being a constant encouragement, sounding board and friend. I miss seeing you and the boys each week.

  2. Congratulations! You will be blessed and also bless those you meet in Colorado. It’s a beautiful state being made even more beautiful by your family. I look forward to seeing updates and a lot of pictures with large amounts of snow!!!

  3. Yay!!! and Boo!!!!! My heart is so full for this adventure you are about to go on, and sad that I won’t see you often enough. I will be praying for you guys!!! Love you, precious woman.

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