I’m thinking about getting a tattoo…

I’ll be 33-years-old on Wednesday, and I think it’s time I rebelled a little. I have an idea for one.

Be Still {Know} written in brown script on my wrist.

Probably my right wrist, because I’m left handed, so I spend a lot of time with my left arm facing down. And although I know that it’s proper to get it facing out, away from me, I would rebel there too and make it so I could read it.

I’m getting it to remind me, after all.

If you’ve read anything else I’ve written here, you know that I have a hard time with being still. I want God to be moving and doing in BIG ways in my life. I can’t comprehend His stillness.

And that’s where I try to take over.

I stick Him in my “God Always Moves” box and push us both forward to what I think He’s unsuccessfully trying to do. Obviously this is because I don’t yet have my tattoo that reminds me to be still and know that I’m not God.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about the seen and unseen. See, I’ve come to recognize that there are two realities, and I have a choice about which one I’m going to focus on. There’s my physical reality that isn’t always going the way I’d like it to; troubles come, frustrations happen, confusion sets in, and doubt happens. It’s not crazy to focus on that reality, because after all it is “real.”


There’s another reality that I can also focus on, the unseen reality. The one where God is working, laying a path that I walk undiscovered. A reality where the promises found in the psalms – the ones proclaiming rest, wealth, blessing, strength and peace – where that reality exists. Just because it’s unseen doesn’t mean it’s unreal.

God revealed to the Israelites a pathway through the Red Sea by pushing aside the chaos of the waves and giving them firm footing on a pathway no one knew was there. An unseen reality.

When I’m still, when I quiet my thoughts, stop pushing God around, and nestle down in Him…

That’s when the unseen slips itself around the here and now.

Still, I think I may get that tattoo. {Do you think it’ll hurt?}

15 thoughts on “I’m thinking about getting a tattoo…

  1. It will hurt ( I have two, one on each shoulder) It is a managable pain though. If you want it I say go for it. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday

  2. Ha! I also have the hardest time being still – and I’m housebound with a chronic illness! I think you should have a rule that whenever you catch sight of that tattoo, you stop for a minute. (Perhaps I should challenge myself similarly…) But not with the tattoo. I don’t do needles.

    Great to meet you! I’m over from five min Friday

  3. I’m actually thinking of getting one on my left wrist in white ink that says Enough to remind myself that I am enough. I love the idea of some kind of physical reminder, even if it’s a million post it notes, about what we are struggling with.

    Oh, and happy early Birthday!!! And yes, it will be uncomfortable, but I’m with Revelations in Writing, after having kids, it’s nothing.

  4. Hey Melissa,
    LOVE THIS! Being still is for the weak! And boy, aren’t I! Psalm 46:10 is my life verse and I have yet to master it. I wonder sometimes if I even like to be still, in my mind, my body, as I shake my leg unceasingly whether standing or sitting–HA! (Could it be too much caffeine? Nah!) Yet, in those quiet moments when the Holy Spirit arrests me I’m reminded I love being still in His presence so much more! To KNOW He is my hope & stay!
    Thank you for this awesome reminder—love the Red Sea analogy!

    And yes, it’ll hurt—just remember to stay still :). Love you Sister!

  5. Yeah! I’m right there with you! I mean it, I was just telling Jonathan that I want to get a tattoo. We should totally go together.

  6. Such a good reminder for us all! I want to see a sketch! Or a font idea or something! :-) You’re so brave! I’m such a wimp about pain!

  7. it’ll hurt but then it’ll be over! I’ve got the word “Hephzibah” in hebrew on my left wrist (I’m right handed) and I LOVE having the reminder that God delights in me and I rebelled too and had it so that I can read it =)

  8. As always, you never disappoint me with your blogs. I too get very inpatient and need to remind my self to be still. That my life is in his hands, and only he knows the path that is right for me. I love the idea of how you want to remind yourself of stillness. Although tattoos are frowned upon, I love them. And yes, they do hurt a bit.

  9. Hurt….. Yes
    Remember “Just because it’s unseen doesn’t mean it’s unreal” I BELIEVE you already have a tattoo :)

    1. Hey I have tattoos and they are totally worth the pain and when they mean something, which mine do, they are totally worth it….you are cure, you remind me of me…I rationalize things like you….go with a friend…when you have someone to talk to it goes much faster!

  10. I have 2 wrists tattoos and I LOVE them! Definitely you need to be brave and just do it! I always have them face me or so that I can read it. I agree mine are to remind me of one of God’s truths. Others benefit too but ultimately they are MY tattoos! Do IT!

  11. Funny that you should mention a tattoo – guess what?? I’m getting a musical tattoo from my grown up children on my ride ring finger – for Mother’s Day this year! Yes – I think it will hurt!

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