Five Minute Friday: Dive

I find it appropriate that “dive” is the prompt for this week’s Five Minute Friday. It’s been quite awhile since I participated and I feel like I’m leaping into something again.

So, here’s 5 minutes of unedited free writing on “dive.”


Sometimes you hold your breath, protecting yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Sometimes you jump in feet first, hoping to impress everyone with your big splash.

Then there is that perfect one, where everything comes together so unified and serene. Not a ripple is seen and people barely realize that you’ve arrived.

I tended to go for the big splash, because I was afraid of being missed…unnoticed. Even if its messy, it draws attention.

I’ve come to realize that the one that produces the best result is the quiet, calm, deep-breath beforehand, smooth glide into the water. That’s when it works best, because its not always important to be seen. What’s most important is remembering to point your toes at the end.

When it all goes right, and everyone just thinks that’s how it happened on its own.


Thanks for stopping by, and check back next week to see what’s kept me so busy away from the blogging (and there just might be a giveaway)!

22 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Dive

  1. I love your line, “That’s when it works best, because its not always important to be seen.” This is so important, but I, too, like to be seen. I love your reminder that in the end that’s not what matters. Thank you!

  2. I’m naturally a big splash kinda guy….and that’s not a weight joke. But I like the reminder/illustration of it not being about “being seen”. Humility in how we approach…can be a great part of God’s testimony in us…thanks for writing!

    1. I think that for me the problem becomes that I worry more about the splash than about how others are affected by it. :) Splashes are fun when no one is bothered about getting wet. Haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I loved the line about pointing your toes at the end. It reminds me that I’m visible right down to my toes. Lots of food for thought there. Thanks!

    1. Finishing well has become something I’m more mindful of, because honestly I get bored with things and my lack of interest can be detrimental. :) Glad you stopped by!

  4. So happy to SEE your words here again! #AlwaysMissThem I love how you challenge me in them too…to think about my motivations and deepest desires…to go for the excellent finish more than the noticeability.

    You rock!

  5. Love this! And, I am quite aware of the graceful and smooth entries. In fact, those are the ones that leave me in awe much more than the the flailing that can create such a large splash… :). So good to have you back!

      1. Actually, I have seen many silent and subtle entries from you as you have grown in grace in your new position. He is using you mightily to touch lives and our kids are gaining great understanding as you listen well!

  6. This was a perfect reminder for me this morning- oh, I pray that HE would be the one seen- not me, not my big splash, not my belly flops- but HIM. Great, thought-provoking post!!!

  7. Hi Melissa
    I am honored to meet you. There is a saying that says that big, empty tins make the most noise and I think the same is true for those big splash dives. It is so beautiful when we find someone who goes through life serenely and gracefully like a gazelle. Truly a beauty to behold!
    Thanks for your link up.

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