Being almost twelve years into marriage and over eight years into parenting, you’d think that the time for creating new family traditions would be done and over. However, most of our family traditions were forged in sunny Southern California where the weather and lifestyle is vastly different from the Pacific Northwest. Vastly different.

This year, our family gave up our usual tree-procuring tradition of trekking to Home Depot and trying to decipher which bundled up tree would look best in our home and in our pocketbook. Instead, we followed the example of most of the families around us; we went logging! Well, not exactly logging, but it was an adventure.

After several recommendations, we chose one particular u-cut {you have to spell it that way…I’m not sure why} Christmas tree farm over the multitude available in the Evergreen State. I think the deciding factor was that it offered free hot cocoa and cider, and knee pads for those robust dads out hunting and gathering for their families.

Guess who greeted us upon arrival? No, not Paul Bunyan…Santa!


The kids were VERY excited, especially Silas who had no idea who the bearded man in the red suit was, but he’s passing out candy canes so don’t question.

Our next stop was the cocoa and cider. This seemed to be the first stop of several others, and my kids waded in to the mix {elbows flying} ready to fight off those who would dare to challenge their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of hot beverages.

We came out victorious!

Double cup

Finally, it was time to hunt for our tree! At first it was just fun to run up and down the aisles of Douglas firs. It kind of reminded me of that moment when Lucy pushes through the fur coats in the wardrobe and the soft fur is replaced with pine boughs {no I didn’t pretend I was Lucy, that would be silly and I’m never silly}. One tree was rejected for being way too tall, one was too lopsided, but then we discovered just right.

The modern momma in me wanted to capture the moment for Instagram, but my children were reluctant to comply with my request for just one nice family picture.

Take 1 Take 2

There were more attempts. Many more attempts. Not one showed four serenely smiling children calmly standing together with their tree.

I guess truth in art is more important.

Fed up with my tries to create the picture perfect family moment, we moved on to the actual chopping down of the Christmas tree. This was very interesting to the kids, who each asked for a turn.


Then we hauled it back to pay for it and head home.


Which was a good thing…because it was definitely time to go.

Time to Go

And here it is in all it’s glory! Ooh…ahh…Christmas tree!

Ahh...Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas. I’m going to bed.

This was fun, but not all traditions are.

What holiday traditions do you have that you could do without?

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  1. i could do without going to see santa. The two oldest kids dont believe but will smiile nice, the third does believe but hates to have his pictire taken unless he is alone, so we get the crossed arms and scowl and the youngest, well one never knows what he is going to do. He might smile, cry, scream, hold his breath and turn red, run away, take a poop, or stare in horror at the man he loves so much when he is at a distance but close is so scary, ugh, you get my point. plus then they all want to east candy canes in my truck and get their sticky hands on my windows and seats.

  2. What a wonderful write-up!! I’ve missed your writing! We don’t have holiday traditions we could do without, mostly because I am not one to do something I don’t enjoy. Selfish, right? I really truly believe that a grumpy Mommy is a grumpy family, so it is actually just a situation where I am looking out for the best interest of my family. :-D We gave up some of my less favorites recently, though. For example, feeling like we HAVE to visit every living relative in the area ON Christmas Day. Not anymore!! It has vastly improved our holiday cheer. Love you! Love your fam! Love your tree! Keep writing! :-)

    1. What do you make for breakfast? Every year for Christmas we have baked apple porridge and homemade hot chocolate. It’s a sugary yummy mess. :-)

  3. Melissa I love you and miss your family dearly! Growing up for quite a few years our family would go out and cut down our own Christmas tree! Now living in New Hampshire I have found that the majority out here also go and cut down their Christmas tree! Next year my goal is to get a group of friends right after Thanksgiving to go cut down a tree together but for now… I’m going to live vicariously through your family :)

      1. True True… although my real life probably isn’t quieter so… it evens everything out! :) And… ummm your children need to stop growing up because they are making me feel old!! lol love you guys!

  4. ok. i actually gasped at the tree reveal. {one day soon i’m going to put ornaments on mine!} i love the journey of your ree… those little faces, and my favorite is the one cutting the tree!

  5. Ooooo…we do this too! We started when I was a teenager and we LOVE it! How much do they charge you for trees there? {just curious} We pay $25 no matter the size {this year it was 14 ft…cut down to 10 ft for our new cathedral ceiling living room}.

    P.S. I HOPE you DID do the Lucy thing….I will think of that next time I go…and do it with my sis!

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