I thought a lot about lemons today.

Lemon slicesThat’s a weird statement, right?

Why would anyone want to think about lemons? I mean, it makes sense to think about lemons if you’re making iced tea, lemonade or maybe fish. But really, lemons?

But I did. I thought about how lemons can be both sweet and sour. Change when they’re picked or what they’re paired with, and you have a completely different experience.

Did you know that the best way to get the most juice out of a lemon is to poke it with a fork, zap it in the microwave and then press down on it with your hand while rolling it on a cutting board? What might seem like harsh treatment {if you’re a lemon} is what produces the most effective results.


And then there’s the peel. You can rip it off quickly or zest it away slowly. And there’s different times where each technique is more advisable.

This might be the place where you think I’m crazy for thinking this much about citrus. You’re probably right.

What was my point in thinking about lemons?

Mostly it was because I opened an Etsy shop today so I can sell handmade hats and other things I think to knit. I was going to come up with some funky, cutsie name. As I thought about things I like, I thought “lemons.” Because they’re multidimensional, multipurpose, and when I see them I think of sunshine, freshness and joy.

I guess it made me think because this past 18 months has been lemony.



Ripped off quickly.

Worn down slowly.

Poked. Zapped. Pressed.

And I felt like this space needed a fresh start. I’m not planning on doing much of a recap or catch up on what’s happened in the last year and a half; it might come out as I start writing again, but I’m betting it won’t. For those of you who were here before {and I’ve MISSED you}, you’ll maybe see changes and I hope you like the new me.

God’s done a lot and He’s still doing a lot.

So, here we go; all lemony fresh.


7 thoughts on “Lemons

  1. It was a fun surprise to find this, this morning!!!! It is awesome and I can’t wait to read more. Looking forward to checking out your Etsy shop too!!!!

  2. Just saw that you have been blogging again! YAY!

    And I LOVE this example of lemons…cannot wait to check out your Etsy shop! You also taught me something new…the whole poking with fork and putting in microwave bit…

    YAY, Melissa! So happy you are “back!”

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