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I always buy white grape juice or apple juice. The thought behind my purchase is that when (not if) one of my four children spills the juice on the carpet — even though we don’t allow them to take juice out of the kitchen — it will not stain because it’s a clear liquid.

Today I realized that I might be going about it all wrong.

As a sippy cup toting toddler meanders around the house leaving drips and spills, I may not be aware of them because they are clear. Unless I happen to see it occur, or step on a wet spot, that dribble of sugary beverage will remain in my carpet. Over a period of time, a dark spot will form from the dirt it collects as we walk over it. That sticky place in my living room becomes a magnet for dirt, crumbs and dust that would have otherwise been sucked up by the vacuum. 

Whether I serve a deeply red grape juice or a sparkling clear apple, I still end up on my knees working to remove the stain.

Maybe an immediately noticeable stain that is removed at once is better than one that hides below the surface and attracts the grime of life.




8 thoughts on “Stained

  1. When I was in counseling I had a therapist tell me that sin that can stay in the dark grows larger than we ever want it to be. It’s best to get it in the light and destroy it.

  2. This reminds me of the ways in which we condemn the biggies, sex, drugs, alcohol. But, the little things, the ones that no one sees, we brush over those. We sweep them under the carpet, even though they do just as much damage and sometimes more than the biggies.

    1. Seriously. I feel like that’s totally how Jesus responded to it too. He seemed to have more compassion on the people who were out there blatantly sinning than on those who acted like they had it all together. Maybe that’s because the latter were less likely to turn to Him for cleansing, since they didn’t see themselves as sinful.

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