Five Minute Friday: Disappointment

Disappointment was what I felt when I checked Lisa-Jo’s site for this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt. I didn’t join up last week, and was looking forward to the community and inspiration. Here’s my attempt to participate, despite my lack of prompt. I still followed the rules: write for five minutes, and don’t go back and edit.


I hesitate to call them disappointments.

However, I am left without an appropriate word for the situations we have continually found ourselves up against since our move.

A string of disappointments.

Followed by glimpses of hope…that God cares, that He knows, that He’s working.

I loved the light today. Another one of those familiar things that I had allowed time and distance to erase from my memory. Overcast skies, like a blanket of steely gray cotton rolled out over the Puget Sound. Shots of sunlight, bursting through small tears in the cloud layer. The contrast of gloom and brilliancy tricks the eyes into tinting the landscape. Like in those movies where they shoot through filters.

Today was filtered in blue. Not a primary blue that is fit only for kid’s rooms, but a cadet blue. It seemed to be more a reflection in a sheet of stainless steel than real life.

Is that what is meant by silver lining?

Every disappointment is actually a redirection. I can’t call them disappointments because God has always come through with something better. There is confusion and grieving over what we thought would be — it would feel false if there wasn’t — yet we press on forward in confidence that God’s plan is greater.

The be still and know, the lean not on your own, the hear and obey.

Allowing God’s brilliancy to pierce the fog of our understanding, and tint the whole world with Him.





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11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Disappointment

  1. Dear Melissa, I love the encouragement you bring to our hearts in your choice, your modeling of faith. Beautiful leaning into Him and trusting that He is good. Thank you.

    1. Nope…the prompt didn’t disappoint me, it was that Friday that you forgot to put up a prompt and I was disappointed that there wasn’t one. :) Haha! You never disappoint, Lisa-Jo!

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