Five Minute Friday: in real life

Sometimes weeks, all I’m able to grab are these Five Minutes on Friday to link up with the community at Lisa-Jo’s place.

This has been one of those weeks.

Yesterday, my Baby Squishy Face turned three-years-old! We celebrated with chicken nugs, ziplines at the park, and ice cream! I’m so glad God gave me an Ezra!

Ezra - 1 day old


Love stories end with a first kiss, proposal or wedding.

Babies are born in 30 minutes, and the new mom always look serene and beautiful.

Drama creates intimacy and builds passion in a relationship.

The tide always turns, the underdog always wins, the check always arrives on time.

This is not real life.

Real life is what happens beyond the first kiss, the ring slipped on a finger or the toss of a bouquet. When the shine comes off, the breath stinks, the legs go unshaved, the underwear is left on the floor and cupboard doors remain open. Pet peeves and personal quirks sting like mosquitos. At first you try to bat them away, but once you’ve been bitten you can’t help but scratch. Red bumps turn into open wounds and you have to learn to keep your hands off so that things can heal once again.

Babies grow and develop for months inside. They come on their own timing and never as quickly as you want. It’s painful, raw, gut-wrenching reality. There is beauty; there is calm and joy and love. There is also blood, sweat, tears and a really worn out lady. 

Drama, left unchecked, will not result in intimacy, but rather  in division and withdrawal. Life is about learning to be content in the calm, and discovering that adrenaline is fun, but will kill you if you maintain it at all times.

Real life is learning that TV and the movies have it all wrong. We have it much better.





30 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: in real life

    1. I’m not quite sure where that came from. Haha! Maybe because I have been trying to live on adrenaline, and I’m now exhausted. That’s what I love about Five Minute Fridays…the unexpected. :) Thanks for your comment, Gidget!

  1. “When the shine comes off, the breath stinks, the legs go unshaved, the underwear is left on the floor and cupboard doors remain open.” – Yep, you hit the nail on the head. This is my real life too!

    1. It’s not until I stop and think about it that I realize the lies I allow myself to believe when I focus on what I’m told life should be like. Yet another reason I enjoy these Five Minute Friday prompts. :)

  2. Real life is so much better because it doesn’t require me to be perfect. I can’t sustain any level of faux perfection for more than 2 minutes. I prefer the real life, because then I feel truly loved, truly known and truly appreciated.

    1. Such great points, Keri! And a much needed reminder that I can’t attain perfection without it being false. Why do I keep thinking it’s a requirement?! There’s a movie coming out called, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Sarah Jessica Parker. I wonder if it will provide a realistic take on life with kids, job, spouse, etc…or if we’ll end up with yet another romanticized false sense of reality. There may be a Pop Parable there…

  3. I agree with Keri – It takes WAY too much work to have a perfect life. I discovered long ago that I’m happiest when I’m being my total and complete authentic self. It doesn’t mean everyone agrees with me – or even *gasp* likes me as a result – but – all I can be is ME. I like real life better anyway – with all its flaws and smells. And when real people like me for who I am – it’s worth it :) I’ve added you to me rss live feed featured on the right side of my blog page – but your website is not playing nice with mine and is not WORKING right! Anyway – I will keep trying! Us WestCoastNinja’s have to stick together!

    1. So true, Cindy! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be me in real life, and not just the me I want people to think I am. It’s kind of confusing. Haha! Thanks for the link love…I wonder what’s going on?! I’ll have to check into it. I know I’ve been vacant on Twitter, but I love this WestCoastNinja’s thing! :)

    1. This is something I feel like you so “perfectly” portray through your blog, Mary. It’s so hard to keep trying to compete with what everyone around us tell us to be. I need to just focus on what God calls me to be…and that’s forgiven and forgiving. :) Glad to see your face here!

  4. “When the shine comes off, the breath stinks, the legs go unshaved, the underwear is left on the floor and cupboard doors remain open.”

    These are the things that I had to learn were FAR different from the movies! Life/family/marriage can be messy, but oh so rewarding too. Real life is better :)

    And happy belated birthday to Ezra!!

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