{Not so} Five Minute Friday: Rest

So much has happened, and not happened, this week for us. I have a lot to share, but I am just not up to it tonight after the day I’ve had. I hope to update, fill-in and have some photographic show-and-tell next week after a relaxing three-day weekend.

When I saw that Lisa-Jo went over the five-minute time limit this week, I felt like doing the same. Sometimes the timer frees me in my writing, but tonight it felt like more of a constraint. So, I fudged a bit with the rules.

And yes, I’m aware that the majority of my Five Minute Friday posts have been about my kids, and the frustrations of motherhood. I try to balance this out, because I know I have guy readers and single readers, but lately by Thursday night my brain won’t go anywhere else.

And…enough of the excuses.



My children were skating down the aisle of Target.

Fuzzy toilet seat covers under each foot, they raced each other back and forth. Slipping, sliding and giggling; I attempted to hold an important conversation. Normally I don’t schedule phone calls for public places, but this was a call I couldn’t pass up.

There’s a house we want; when we see it we feel like it’s home. The proximity to close friends doesn’t hurt it’s curb appeal…especially since we can see those friends’ home from the curb of the house.

Silently screaming at the top of my lungs, stomping my feet and shaking my fist, I politely fielded the landlord’s questions. Obviously I wasn’t paying attention because I told him the completely wrong amounts for our income. He was slightly concerned, which makes sense when you learn I cut my husband’s salary in half. Oops.

There are moments as a mom when I just don’t have the answers. I wanted to shake them and scream at them to demonstrate my anger. Actions that would only have escalated the situation, and not helped any of us to learn from it. How could I let them know that wrapping yourself in bath towels and reclining on the shelves of fluffy bath mats was not appropriate behavior?

Apparently telling them that was not enough.

Then tonight I come home and read about the time God wanted to shake and yell at the Israelites. He was fed up. Done. Finished. Because He’s God, and follows through with His promises, He told them He would send an angel with them to complete the journey.

“Depart, go up from here, you and the people whom you have brought up from…Egypt…I will send an angel before you…; I will not go up in your midst, because you are an obstinate people and I might destroy you on the way.” {Exodus 33:1-3, emphasis added}

God pulled a “your children” on Moses. You know, when the kids are being bad and suddenly you’re not their parent anymore? And then, He says that they’re gonna have a babysitter, because if God stays with them He will DESTROY them.

Seriously! This whole passage made me feel so much better. God understands! He knows!

I am not alone. I am not a bad mom. I am going to be ok.

How does Moses react to suddenly being left holding the reins for this bedraggled bunch? He reminds God that the Israelites are His, too.

Moses intercedes for the Israelites, who are in no position to ask anything of God. He tells God that if He’s not going to lead them Himself, then He needs to leave them where they are.

Just like when Josh reminds me, after an earful of ranting, that I love my children. I’m grateful for the gift God has given me in putting us together. They were eagerly anticipated and joyfully welcomed into this world.

I am their mom, and I need to lead them forward.

So, I led them out of Target, got a break for a couple of hours, and I’m ready to begin it all again tomorrow. Because I’m their mom, and they need me to lead them.





26 thoughts on “{Not so} Five Minute Friday: Rest

  1. I’m neither single nor a guy reader… and I’m glad I got to read this post. I only have one and she’s not nearly old enough to go skating down the aisles of Target on toilet seat covers, but I so appreciate the attention you brought to God’s own word to His children. On any other days that leading your blessed little ones runs you ragged, I hope that floodgates of just that kind of encouragement open up for you!

  2. I love how you relate a story about Moses into a very “real life” scenerio! Thank you for sharing this today! Even though I do not have children, it is good for me to look at God’s Word through the lens of everyday life.

    Have a good, restful, weekend!!

  3. Mom was telling me about your adventure at Target. I was telling her that the day before, when we were at the mall all day waiting to get the kids vaccinated, I kept asking myself, “How hard can I spank Jorja in public without getting reported?” In the end I refrained, until the parking lot where she was having a screaming fit about having to hold her sister’s hand. I’m happy to hear that God dealt with these kinds of parenting issues too! :)

  4. You are hilarious. I’ve totally pulled the “silent scream + dirty look” at my kids in Target. And, at Costco. And, at Fred Meyer. And, in my very own home. You probably witnessed it already.

  5. Yesterday my two year old daughter said, “That’s IT. I’m DONE!” . . .and i realized she got it from me. Resonated with this one, thanks.

  6. I loved this post (and that is one of my favorite passages). I love how Moses goes on and begs God not to take His presence from them, saying he’d rather stay in the desert than have the Promised Land without Him.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve nominated your post in my Singing a New Song contest. It is a perfect example of why I created the award. A mom singing God’s praises in the midst of the chaos of life.

    1. Isn’t that amazing?! I heard someone preach a sermon on it a few years ago, and it has resonated with me since then. It’s a great reminder to us Christians that we need to intercede for others. Thanks for the nomination! That’s awesome!

  7. “they need me to lead them”

    Good reminder for me. My 16-yr-old wants me to go clothes shopping with her today, and frankly, I hate clothes shopping. ;-) But she needs me to lead her, so I will go. I want to be used by God for his purposes, and one of those purposes is for me to mother my children. Thanks for this timely message!

    1. Clothes shopping with a 16-year-old, if she’s anything like I was at that age, good luck! I drove my mom and grandma crazy, I was so picky. Haha! Have fun!

  8. I tried to reach you from Peter Pollock’s One Word Carnival, but something did not compute, There was an error in your entry, so I found you another way. WOW you are a mom after my own heart. Yelling screaming shaking your fist, then loving and ready to begin again. Yes, that is just how God is with us (and his great example was the children of Israel.)

    1. Thanks, Hazel. I actually ended up deleting my One Word entry after I shared the link on Peter’s site. I need to get him to delete the link, I think. I’m glad you found me still. :) And, parenting has helped me so much to appreciate God’s patience, love and grace when He’s dealing with me.

  9. I love this. You have managed to take an Old Testament story and totally give it relevance to today’s issues, with humor besides.

    I found your blog through Musings of a Bored Housewife; I will definitely add you to my reader. Can’t wait to read more!

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