Five Minute Friday: Older

Regardless of how crazy the rest of the week is, these five minutes on Friday have become something I really look forward to. Maybe it’s because lately when I sit down to post I am hyper-critical about what I have to say and the opinions I express. So, giving myself a time limit and the inability to go back and edit seems to take some pressure off.

Today my family are off to my grandpa’s property in eastern Washington to spend some time riding four-wheelers, eating chili and s’mores, and relaxing. I’m really looking forward to it, and secretly hoping to get a nap in at some point.

Nap time definitely is more appreciated as you get older…which ties in with Lisa-Jo’s prompt for this week’s post.

Also, just because I haven’t said it in a while, and I don’t think it can be said too often: Thank you for continuing to stop by here. These past few months have been very unsettling for me, and it’s become difficult {between living in someone else’s home and babying my dying computer} for me to post regularly.

I know I haven’t been responding to comments like I normally do, but I do read each one and I am so grateful for your prayers, encouragement and kind words.

Ok, enough mushy stuff…


There are a lot of things in my life that I would like to do, but I feel like time and experience need to be gained before people won’t laugh at me when I clue them in…








There’s something to be said for allowing maturity to happen before undertaking goals and plans. Counter to all the “go for it, seize the day” type of mantras that are thrown at us, isn’t it ok to say, “Not yet, patience.”

Why does my life need to be settled at 30? 40? 50?

My mom recently graduated from Bible college. She’s not 20 or 30 {and I won’t tell you how old she is, even though she’s young to have a daughter my age, because I live with her right now and I KNOW she’d kick me out}.

She was talking with me about how life doesn’t always have a linear path to it, there can be fits and starts and great leaps of faith. Where I am today may not determine where I am at 50, 60 or 70. It’s being in the present and experiencing all that God has for me.

What can I learn from the today that will be important when I’m older? There’s no way of pinpointing those lessons, but I’m trying to keep it all straight.

Of course, my brain is starting to go already, which may make it hard to remember. But, that also may be a blessing.


What does “older” mean to you?




15 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Older

    1. Thanks, Barbie. I think I needed the reminder as much as anyone. Too often I am racing ahead for what I think needs to have already been accomplished. It’s important for me to be aware that God has me right where He desires me as long as I continue to obey Him. Have a great weekend!

  1. Hi Melissa! I have this repetitive thought that by a certain age I have to “have it all together” – know what I want to do when I grow up :-), plan my family, have a great marriage, etc. etc. The funny thing is that age of completion keeps being moved back! I’m 35 and just now discovering what I think I was truly meant to do. Then comes the thoughts that it’s too late. Your post is so freeing that we’ll never be “there” and that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

    Thank you for your post today!! Have a great weekend!

    1. That thought is so familiar to me as well. I’m glad what I said could be an encouragement for you, that’s my main goal in writing. Haha! Thanks for stopping by, and happy Friday!

  2. Dear Melissa, We’ve never met even in bloggo-land, but I often read and admire. Anyway, I thought of you when I wrote about writing today so I came by to make sure you’re still pursuing the dream. You go, girl.

  3. Older means becoming comfortable with oneself. Like a favorite pair of sweat pants or a soft flannel shirt, I don’t have to ‘pretend’ to be someone I am not and I don’t have to conform to an image I am not. Older means I have the greatest opportunities to pass on what I have learned to my children and grandchildren and any one else in my area of service. Older means I am mature in age, in body and in spiritual development and God’s grace is upon me each and every day as energy comes and goes and the deepening of soul and heart presses in to what is truly important.
    It is a gift to treasure, becoming older in the Lord, thank you for asking the question.

    1. Thanks for adding your thoughts, Sharon! I’ve definitely discovered that I’m more comfortable with myself now than I was ten years ago, but I look forward to ten more years of growth in that area.

  4. Yes to the being present and experiencing all that God has! So important for this getting-older-heart-of-mine.

    Enjoy your day in eastern WA (those are my stomping grounds). It makes me smile to think you are running around on the same side of the state as me today :)

  5. When I arrived at your blog I loved it right away. What a clean look and beautiful header. Lovely. And yes, there are things that seem to come with age, but don’t let it stop you from growing and trying things now. It’s easy to save certain things for a “some day” that never arrives. ;)

  6. Oh, Melissa, I don’t think we ever “arrive.” We’re always changing and searching but in the midst, we must just “Be Still and Know” and He will continue to make us what He desires us to be if we yield to Him every day. Blessings to you my dear!

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