Five Minute Friday: Whole

Today I’m linking up once again with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. She challenges us to take five minutes and write {unedited} as we will. It’s always interesting to me to compare my spontaneous reaction with others.

This week’s prompt is “whole,” and my brain seemed overrun with ways it could have gone. Of course, it always comes back to food with me. Haha!

Here we…


Elijah making his 1st PBJ {circa 2009}

“Chicken nugs, or peanut butter sandwich?”

The clamor around the kitchen counter grows as one asks for peanut butter sandwich, open, with jam. But not blackberry jam, or strawberry jam, raspberry jam. If we don’t have raspberry jam, they want honey…and then they want it closed.

The other keeps yelling, “Mac ‘n cheese! Mac n’ cheese! Mac n’ cheese!” as if the repetition will make it one of the options. When pressed to choose between the two, the answer becomes, “Logurt,” and I give in by plopping a cup of yogurt down in front of them.

The microwave beeps, alerting me to the fact that the oh-so-nutritious shaped chicken patties are scalding hot. I will then leave them in there for another five minutes, until they have cooled to room temperature. At that point, Silas will do one of two things: eat them so quickly that I’ll search for them on the floor in disbelief, or break them into little pieces and hide them in the cracks of his high chair.

After 10 minutes of getting their meals prepared, cut up, arranged on the colored platter of their choice and filling their prefered cup, I start on my own lunch. Of course, whatever it is, they will decide that mine is better and swarm me for bites and pieces.

Someday I will get to eat my own lunch…the whole thing.


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11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Whole

  1. How much does this sound like life around my kitchen table! Someday, we will get to eat our whole lunch, and we will likely miss the sharing. ;) This was a fun read. Thank you for this. ;)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA so true. My mom used to complain that was the most annoying part of motherhood (I roll my eyes at her) she said right when she would sit down with a good meal two or three kids would be by her side asking questions “what’s that?” “can I have a bite?” now that we’ve all moved out she can finally eat in peace…but it’s lonely. Enjoy the moment! And love that name. Silas-cute.

  3. Not having children yet, this reminds me of the feeling of “wholeness” sweet children bring even in the sacrifice. It is so worth it, and that is exactly how our Heavenly Father thinks of us. Thank you for sharing your sweet story this morning!!

  4. oh yes, one day you will sit in a quiet and clean house, eating your whole lunch in peace and you will remember these days with longing. savor them :)
    (5 minute friday visit)

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I have been here a million times. I am trying NOT to give them options for lunch anymore… just eat what I give you, because I can’t stand the bickering and making 4 different meals! :) I have taken to feeding all of them, kicking them out of the kitchen and THEN eating my lunch (probably not great parenting, but it works for me some days! :)

  6. These days I’m lucky if I even get to my own lunch, and it hasn’t disappeared from the fridge, down the black hole that is a young teenager’s stomach. Confession: I have grabbed dinner for myself after work (9pm) then either sat in the car and ate it, or hid it on the porch until everyone is in bed because I know if i bring it in the house I’ll have to share. The rule I’ve set for myself is: get enough for everyone or don’t take it home.

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