Deep Thoughts by Melissa Brotherton

The outlook of a day can change in just a few hours, from gray and overcast to bright and sunny.

If you’re discouraged about what’s happening, give it a few minutes.

Adventures are everywhere. What you see isn’t always all there is. Take time to investigate and look around you.

Life can get noisy, and distracting. In those moments, tune it all out and wait for it to pass.

Take new challenges one step at a time.

When all else fails, throw your head back, hang on for dear life, and enjoy the ride.

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15 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts by Melissa Brotherton

  1. love this!! makes me want to just grab onto a pole and throw my head back and laugh! praying for yall in this transition . . .

  2. OK, I know this is so wrong, but when I saw the baby pic I thought he was thinking “Oh goody! One more step to squish the poo in my diaper!”

  3. I want to go somewhere where I am getting drenched to cool off rather than as a complete disappointment of a “summer” – oh, and look I logged in with Facebook! I feel like it’s really me commenting now, haha.

  4. How creative you are,Miss Meliss! I’d like to think you got it from me…but that’s not going to work,is it? I sure would like a put-in-a frame copy of Cora on the swing for my (almost up ) picture wall + the one of Silas crawling down the temple(?) hall at the Getty+ the close- up of Eli’s big blue eyes on the Christmas card..from Darrins wedding….I believe I have special ones of Silas and Ezra for my purposes. If it’s not a hassle for a hi-tech gal like you! Would
    sooo appreciate and please let me pay any costs involved. Big Hugs, Grandma Jan PS. My new mantra–smile at the rain and think about Texas!!

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