Five Minute Friday: Wonder

We live the given life, not the planned. {Wendell Berry}

I have been on a huge Wendell Berry kick lately {if you haven’t read any of his books, I highly recommend them}, and when I saw this quote I knew I needed to share it.

Especially when I saw that Lisa-Jo’s prompt for Five Minute Friday was “wonder.”

So, here’s five minutes {unedited or tweaked} on wonder…

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Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my ability to wonder. Like, as I’ve grown up I have settled into responsibility and facts and logic. My personality and character lends itself so easily to what’s straightforward and planned. The magic of the unknown, that was so alluring to me as a child, has become annoying to me as an adult.

This season of my life is reintroducing me to wonder. To moments of seeing the grace of God come alive in my life, and watching His hand lead us down a very unknown path. To believe without seeing is faith, and my faith is increasing as my personal vision is dimming.

I wonder what God has ahead of us. In a little less than two weeks we leave our home, our friends, our church and our stability. Heading out into the great unknown, but knowing the One who is in charge. Talking with Josh, I realize that this is one of the first times in my life where I have no idea what it will all eventually look like. Everything after July 6th is a blank to me.

That’s where the wonder comes in to it all. God can do anything with us!


What has caused you to feel wonder lately?

Speaking of Wendell Berry, what author are you stuck on right now?

Josh’s birthday is tomorrow {Happy Birthday, Joshie} and I am so excited to get a night out with him on Sunday! Yippee!!

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25 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Wonder

  1. I liked this post very much! It is so hard to keep peeling back the layers of adult responsibility and reality and find the wonder beneath.
    It is a daily practice for me. I often fail at it but when I looks through my chidlren’s eyes I find it again in the little things.
    I actually have a Wendall Berry poem “THe Peace of Wild Things” linked on my sidebar… Love Wendall :)

    1. I’ve never read any of his poetry. My MIL sent my husband a couple of his books, and I loved his writing. I’ll have to check out that poem! :)

  2. Sounds exciting! I wonder what will happen! *rimshot

    Happy Birthday to Josh. He should do a special Thoughts From The Pot: Birthday Edition.

  3. Hopping over from The Gypsy Mama. Beautiful post! Faith is both a difficult and beautiful thing. I have found that when I trust God with my future he blesses me with far more than I could have imagined on my own.

    1. That is so true, Katrina! His ways, while sometimes different than what I would have done, are always better. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I fight feelings of wonder.

    Why? It’s because when I allow myself to truly think about the things God can do and the ways He could leave me in awe of his wondrous power I get depressed and angry and irritated when He doesn’t show up and show that power.

    So I’ve trained my brain to not wonder because then I can’t get hurt. I”m working on changing that.

    1. Wow, I totally understand this, Jason. I feel like I’ve reached this point with praying for people who are sick, or in desperate situations. I know that He is able to come through, but it’s the “if” that I wonder about. It seems futile to pray, because if He doesn’t come through I then have to struggle with why He didn’t answer my prayers the way I wanted. Instead, just letting Him go ahead with what He wants to do seems better. It’s then that I remember that prayer is not to inform God of circumstances, but to change myself. I may not like the lesson, but it helps me to align myself with Him. I think the same goes for recognizing His astounding, awe-inspiring greatness and believing that however He shows up in what is best for us. That can seem really flippant and hurtful for people in the midst of trials though. I think that your commitment to place this year in God’s hands to do what He will with it is admirable, risky and will reap greater rewards than you can imagine. It might not look like you intended, but as you persevere with Him, it will result in exactly what He desires for you.

    1. I think WordPress updated the commenting system. I’m still planning on moving this thing over to after our physical move from CA to WA. Haha!

  5. Life in general makes me wonder lately. This time last year I was just out of the hospital after a severe heart event at 45. God met me on that ER gurney and spoke loud and clear … and now I surrender each day, as best I can and “step into the irresistible future with Him.” (Oswald Chambers)
    Beautiful Post.

    1. Gotta love the words of Oswald Chamber! Isn’t it amazing how God can step into our everyday and flip us all around? Glad to hear that your event turned out to be so positive in your life!

  6. seriously… at what age do we lose our childlike wonder?!?! I want mine back!!
    I have been working on finding wonder in the gifts God gives while counting my #1000gifts, but it takes practice!! :)

  7. Great five minute post! I love this: “To believe without seeing is faith, and my faith is increasing as my personal vision is dimming.” And that quote on the top is great. (I even tweeted it, but made sure to give you credit for sharing it. I hope that’s okay.)

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