This will soon be home once again!

When I’m in California, and I hear the word home, I think of Washington.

When I’ve visited Washington, and I hear the word home, I think of California.

Apparently home isn’t where the heart is, it’s where the body isn’t.

Now, we’re moving back home. Our family and friends are eager for our return from the prodigal land (i.e. California). We’re returning with our arms full of children, instead of empty like that wayward son. For years, our parent have been on the look-out for us, each moment expecting to see us coming round the bend in the road. Till now, our bends have led us away from them. Full circle, we return older, educated and sleep-deprived.

During this season of limbo, between knowing we are moving and the actual move happening, I have not been unaware of the similarity of our situation to that of our spiritual life. Home is here, and home is heaven. We know we are not destined to remain here forever, but we are still living in this space and moment.

Over the next 22 days, Josh and I will be preparing ourselves (and our home and children) for a massive departure. We will purge the unnecessary, pack the memories, plan the route and acquire the tools for travel. However, we will also abide in the moments, savor the “lasts” and cherish the relationships we leave behind (physically, but not emotionally).

In the same way, we Christians live our lives becoming holy and Christ-like looking to our eternity in heaven, while we cultivate and keep the creation God has placed us in and come together as a Body. Home is in the here and now, yet also in the then and there. 

Lord, help us to abide fully in our present, dwelling in your presence, and in communion with one another. Help us to plant down roots in the place you cultivate for us, so that it’s a process to transplant us. Keeping in mind at all times that our ultimate home is with You.

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32 thoughts on “Home?

  1. Hmmm, home is where we want to be. I think that is a good perspective on our home being in heaven. Thankfully when we finally move home, we don’t have to pack! Good luck on your move, will pray for you.

    1. Ugh! Packing. I really just want to sell/give away everything and start all over…but that’s a really bad idea. :) Thanks, Frank!

  2. In your case, I would just call the “west coast” my home. That way, if you go anywhere in the WC you are still “home”. :)

    Hope all goes well with the move Melissa!

  3. If the refinement in your writing is any indication of what God’s planning when you hit WA…wow. Look out Pacific Northwest.

    1. Haha! Yes, Mom, I know. We’re coming home. :) We’re even moving into your home! You’ll wish we were back in California in a couple of weeks. :)

    1. There’s so much work that sometimes I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Right now I’m focused on the purging. :)

  4. Moving is always fun (minus the packing). It’s a chance to start over. I agree with Moe. Just call the west coast home. :-)

    1. I would eventually like to see some of the other parts of the country though. Just to travel in, not to move to. I’d like to be settled for a while now. :)

  5. You are doing things right to purge, pack and get ready. Comparing home to here and also heaven.
    ” I liked your sentance: Home is in the here and now, yet also in the then and there.” I add and soon!

  6. 20 years ago my new husband and I moved to Washington {Spokane} the place I considered home. You’ll get used to the rain, the slower drivers, the lack of sunny beaches and you might actually fall in love with Washington {most of us do}. Even when we tried to move a few years ago, God kept us here, and we needed to stay — so much has happened since we re-embraced our hometown! adventures await.

    1. Alyssa, I actually was born and raised in Washington. So, I am used to the rain, slow drivers and I prefer rainy, windy beaches. Haha! Of course, I’m a much faster driver now, and I call pop “soda.” Heehee! I love what you said about re-embracing your hometown. It is quite an adventure when God places you somewhere and you put your heart in it.

  7. I’m pretty stoked that you’ll be moving back home! I’m looking forward to sharing in the journey with you online and in real life!!! :) I’ve been in your place-moving home after being away for quite some time. It’s strangely like a time warp-you feel like you’re going back in time, because so much will have stayed the same in your abscence.

    I agree with Jason-your writing is Saaaaaweet right now. I wonder if you can shed any tricks on how to be as precise as you are? I really need to pare down my verbiage, but I just don’t know how. I’m such a verbal processor.

    1. I’m very excited for this as well, Keri! I was just talking to Josh about some great ideas I have for once we’re in Washington…

      As for the writing, thank you for your kind words! :) Honestly, right now I think I’m working on borrowed brain cells. I try, but my posts don’t come out more than 300 words. Haha! Which is hilarious because I’m an uber talker.

  8. We sold all of our furniture, our car, and most of our possessions when we left for Oxford. The task was so enormous–even after only six years of marriage. There was a time when I thought it would never end–that the sorting and packing and managing of myriad details would go on indefinitely. But it won’t. You will be settled again, you will find your feet in the next phase of the journey Home. Here’s hoping it happens quickly for you. :)

  9. excited for you guys during this new step of your journey. It is funny… the 5 years I spent in Georgia, I still considered DC as “home” :)

    1. I always consider Washington home, but I can definitely see how my time in So Cal has changed me. Hopefully I make a good hybrid once I’m back in the PNW…of course, hybrids are very So Cal. ;)

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