Eight Ways to Keep Your Marriage {and Children} Alive

Last week, two of my close friends delivered their firstborn child within days of each other. Overwhelmed by the amount of cute baby pictures being tossed around on Facebook, I also remembered how overwhelmed I felt as a first time mom. Suddenly I was responsible for keeping another human being alive!

What if I dropped him?

How much should I feed him?

Would I ever sleep again?

There are many books out there that talk about caring for a newborn. I want to talk about caring for your marriage as you care for a newborn.


Jaime Hess @ Six Bricks High invited me to take part in the Family Life series going on at her place. Check out my tips for new moms (and dads) on ways to keep your marriage alive as you try to do the same with your newborn child…

I know some of you don’t have kids, or they’re older, but there are some good marriage tips in general {if I do say so myself, which I do}. 

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