The Weight of Glory

This weekend Josh and I headed out on a date to the Getty Villa in Malibu. This spectacular museum, dedicated to the art and antiquities from ancient Greece and Rome, also includes a beautiful reproduction of a traditional Roman garden. Of course, art inspires art, so we had our camera at the ready.

As I sat there sipping a latte, watching Josh take pictures of plants, sculptures and architecture, I realized how inadequate I feel in my ability to capture the grandeur surrounding me. Everywhere I looked there was something worthy of a photograph, and I felt overwhelmed by the wealth of beauty and creativity.

“This is how I feel about ministry.”

The thought came unbidden, but instantly settled firmly in my brain. There are so many needs out there, whether the person already knows God or not, and I feel unskilled and under prepared to deal with them. Josh and I sense God leading us down a path that feels shaky. Not foundationally, but like gravel on a steep incline; once you start down it you pick up momentum and are unable to stop. Our steps are uncertain, but He knows what lies around the bend.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few,” was Jesus’ reaction as He witnessed the distress of the people in the towns and villages He visited. Sitting in an ancient Roman garden, I felt the weight of those words for us today. There are people who need the healing, deliverance, restoration, hope and salvation found only in Jesus.

For us, it is time to start putting one foot in front of another, believing that God will fill in those areas where we feel inadequate to the task.


So {humor me} I want to share a few of my favorite pics from our day. And yes, we brought Silas with us on our date.

Almost every picture Josh took of me had me making some sort of silly face. I don’t know why I do this. Someone make me stop.

I loved watching Silas crawl up and down this giant walkway. He had so much fun!

I was really proud of this picture! I love the colors and it made me want a fountain with lily pads in my home someday. Ha!

Nothing is more attractive than a man playing with his son!

Gah! Too much cuteness!! I can’t believe he’s almost one!

At first, I was just taking a picture of the sign because I liked that is said “Balm.” After I took it I realized that my name was on it! It seemed to confirm a lot of what God had been speaking to me earlier that day. To be a balm to those in need is a lofty goal!

This was my attempt to get all artsy with my DSLR features.

All in all, it was a lovely day with beautiful weather, magnificent surroundings, and two of my favorite guys! I am not getting paid to say this, but if you ever get a chance to visit either the Getty Center or the Getty Villa, don’t pass it up!

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25 thoughts on “The Weight of Glory

  1. Glad that you guys got to have a “date night”. We need to have one of those soon… :)

    Picture #5 of Silas smiling is adorable!

    1. What’s nice is when the baby is still small you can take them with you and it doesn’t really disrupt the date night. Hope you get an opportunity to get away soon, Dustin! :)

  2. I love the pic of Josh and Silas…great moment you captured! :) Oooh, and nice shades! Are you guys feeling like you have to do a bunch of stuff before you leave? I always get that way when we move…last minute efforts to do things I kept saying I wanted to do, but never got around to.

    1. There is a sense of urgency to do _________ “one last time.” We visited Disneyland a couple of months ago when Josh’s sister came down, so that got crossed off the list. I am sure we’ll have In-n-Out the day we leave for Washington, because that’s how we start every road trip. I’d like to get out to the Getty Center with the kids again, and I’d really like to visit the Huntington Gardens again. I don’t care too much about the beach, because I prefer Northwest beaches. And of course, there’s a couple of restaurants that I want to eat at again before we go. Haha!

  3. Great shots. I love the photo of Silas crawling in that hallway.

    Glad you had a nice date. Baby and all. Where’s his leash? ;)

    1. The leash is for once they start walking. For now I resort to “wearing” him (in a wrap). I guess I just like to tie my kids up {joke!}. Haha!

  4. Ok girl – you TOTALLY have a photographers eye! Keep shooting, keep practicing :) The fact that everywhere around you that you look you see a photo is a good thing… that is indicative of a photographers eye too… it means you are seeing photographic composition :) These pics are beautiful!

    What has helped me grow this year is the variety of challenges that I enter for my photos that force me to get out of my comfort zone… like Monday ( and Sun – Tues Photo scavenger hunt ( or Friday ( — my absolute favorite teacher and blogger is Darcy at who runs a tuesday sweet shot… I have learned SO much from her. Just get out there and challenge yourself to shoot and you will be shocked at how fast you improve. Again you have a great, natural eye!

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