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I first was introduced to today’s guest writer on her blog Rainmakers and Stormchasers. Her words were encouraging, transparent and gifted. Then, she started taking pictures. And now I’m blown.a.way by her as a photographer! I’m honored to have Jenny Rain‘s words and pictures here to share with you!

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{Pink} Dreams | Sacred Grace

This week I was enthralled by the explosion of this in my neighborhood…

Like liquidy-sweet pink-cotton candy, its fragrance demanded a second sniff.

Its rustling blossoms drew me into its majestic embrace and I was wooed by its silent melody.

Strong branches carried the weight of thousands upon thousands of pretty-pink flowers without bending with the strain.

This lone tree reached out and demanded my fickle attention and catapulted me into an all-out race up my stairway to grab my camera.

It mesmerized me into no less than thirty close-up shots and massaged at least five more wide-angles out of me

I stood staring at this gentle pink tree for what felt like days.

What has you captivated this Easter season?

Is it worry, or fear, or anxiety over the unknown?

Have you fallen into the abyss of expectations as the minutes of your overwrought schedule slips through your tensed fingers?

Or is it the extravagant overflow of God’s limitless Grace?

There is something that is demanding your time, your energy, your emotions, and your thoughts.

My prayer for you this Easter season is that you will be enchanted by the beauty of God … just like I was by a simple, but profound pink blossom.

 Jenny Rain is passionate about Africa, her husband {the Gump} and her two pugs {Lily & Abby Grace}. She captures the beauty around her through words and photos at her blog Jenny Rain: Rainmakers and Stormchasers. You can also find her on Twitter @JennyRain.

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20 thoughts on “Guest Post – Jenny Rain

  1. >>>There is something that is demanding your time, your energy, your emotions, and your thoughts.

    That’s an excellent gut check. Thanks, Jenny. And, beautiful images!!!

    1. totally understandable… its a difficult season for you friend. Praying that you find some peace with your sweet family this weekend

  2. Thank you Jenny! I love looking at God’s creating as I run(jog) with Him. He points out such beauty! Interesting early in the week I heard myself type (if that makes sense) and noticed I said I “expected” this to be an amazing Holy Week and it has been. In seeking His Word in the time Jesus was leading up to His crucifixion He has filled me with awe and an overflowing joy… like many snapshots over and over, just amazed!

    1. Yay! I LOVE that. One day when I was out walking our dogs and meditating on the “characteristics of God” – He whispered in my heart “I Am Beauty” – it was SUCH a revolutionary concept for me to think of God as beauty… but then once I heard it, I saw Him as creative Beauty everywhere… I see creation so differently now since learning that about him. LOVE the way you are entering into this Holy Week.

  3. First of all, I’m so excited to have you posting here today, Jenny! :) You are one of the first people I met through blogging, and you have always been an encouragement and inspiration to me.

    What has captivated me this Easter season? Honestly, I haven’t really had a chance to focus on the fact that it is Easter with all of the illness we’ve been wrestling with in our household. Which has been good, in a way, because I’m not caught up in the outfits, gifts and preparations. It’s more about spending time with friends, and thinking about the sacrifice that was made for me.

    1. Thank YOU sweet friend, for the opportunity to post here :) always an honor.

      I’m so sorry that you guys have had a rough season… will continue to keep y’all in my prayers. How is Silas doing?

  4. Beautiful words today, Jenny. Melissa… thanks for hosting!

    I, too, want to be enchanted by God’s beauty this weekend. It is easy to be sidetracked by things that don’t really matter…

    1. so true… I keep hearing the scripture “keep your heart on things above, keep your mind on things above” (paraphrased)… because those are the ones that matter. Thanks Dustin!

  5. Thank you for the beautiful flower and great post. I want to reflect on that great sacrifice, and that great resurrection.

  6. grace. definitely grace, not only the grace of unmerited favor poured out at the cross. but the grace that God gives to actually do His will. the power of grace that i need to walk daily in. there’s beauty in that i’m sure.

    lovely to see your words here, Jenny! I echo what Melissa said…you were one of the first bloggers I came across and are always inspiring!

    1. I love this Melissa… I’ve been thinking a lot about Mercy and Grace this season… astounded by it actually. “Grace to do His will”… we are in a season right now where that is so needed… thank you :)

  7. Beautiful photos!

    I think what is niggling at the back of my mind, is that I need to put more focus on the reason for Easter – what it is really all about. I’m 42, so I know it’s not about the Easter bunny and chocolate, and that it’s really about Christ’s death and resurrection. But, I think I often don’t dwell enough on this and let it really sink in just what He did for me (us), what He went through to save me (us) and forgive my (our) sins, and give me (us) eternal life.

    1. me too… we all have the best intentions to want to focus on Easter, but often there are those things that niggle at the back of our minds… I totally get this Shelley :)

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