Hospitals, Birthdays and M&Ms

Last week did not turn out at all as I had planned.

Thursday morning I ended up in the ER with Silas because he was having difficulty breathing. For five hours I listened to the emergencies of people around me:

a 90-year-old man with a fall from an injury, who hated doctors and hospitals because they keep you alive and he was ready to die

an older Mexican gentleman and his son, the man thought he was having a heart attack, but it turns out he was just constipated from his diet of mostly plantains (and bananas)

a young girl who got a concussion after falling on her head during a cheerleading routine

After ruling out pneumonia and RSV, the doctor’s decided that Silas was just reacting to a virus. When numerous breathing treatments failed to help, they admitted him Thursday night.

Over the next two days Silas was hooked up to an oxygen tube and a sensor that monitored his pulse and oxygen levels. The hospital opened an entire floor for us, we had two nurses all our own and a personal security guard sitting outside our door.

I learned a lot over those two days:

  • I could watch USA Network all day. I did watch USA Network all day.
  • Lunch and dinner in the hospital are always accompanied by dessert. Stop telling me dessert is not part of a balanced diet.
  • Being woken up ten minutes after I finally get Silas asleep and fall asleep myself makes me a Very Grumpy Person.
  • Physical, emotional and mental stress makes me crave peanut M&Ms (thank you Joshie for helping me out with that).
  • Not all of my family checks Facebook regularly — you need to call them, and not just update your status (sorry Dad — I’ll call next time).
  • If you tell your doctor to put in orders that your sleeping baby should not be woken up, you get much better sleep.
  • You may think you’re being nice in having a conversation with your personal security guard, instead you end up creeped out by their admiration for the Saw killer and anecdotes on how their wife tried to run them over with their car.
  • Two days away from home, with meals in bed, is not always as relaxing as it sounds.

Silas was discharged Saturday night, and we’re so happy to be back home. He’s still receiving breathing treatments, steroids and antibiotics at home, but he’s much better.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. I spent the entire day sleeping, fighting off a cold of my own. Thank goodness I already have a birthday season in place, right? We’ll be partyin’ partyin’ partyin’ YEAH! for the next week.

How was your weekend?

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26 thoughts on “Hospitals, Birthdays and M&Ms

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Poor Silas. I hope he gets better. Oh, and happy birthday, even though you spent it in another dimension via dreams. I’m OK spending a day like that though. Love me some sleep. :)

    Weekend was good for me. Went to a Yankees game and had lots of goofy and testosterone fun!

    1. Oooh! Yankees! We were just teaching my son about the love/hate relationship some people have with the Yankees. Haha! Sounds like a great weekend. :)

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, Moe. I’m planning on milking it for all it’s worth over the next couple of weeks. Haha!

  2. Happy Birthday again! ;) First off, have you read this SCL post?

    I’m so happy that you and Silas are home now! Praying for his continued healing. I had a teensy tiny glimpse of what you guys are going through when I took Korbin in for his 1 year checkup this week and the dr prescribed an inhaler. :( He is wheezing, like he does every time he gets a cold. Dr thinks he may be developing asthma. That makes me very, very sad. :(

    We had an unexpectedly awesome weekend. In the hubub of life, I forgot to get excited for the Chris Tomlin concert on Saturday, which turned out to be legen…wait for it….DARY! Followed by life giving worship at Palm Sunday service, I was like bouncing off the walls with His goodness this weekend.

    Hope all of your birthday celebrations are amazing!

    1. Hah! Thanks for sharing that post, Keri. It’s totally true for me!!

      Poor Korbin (BTW, did you know my sister’s son’s name is Corbin?), I’ll be praying for him and you. That sounds very similar to what Silas has. I am taking him in for a follow up appointment next week, and I plan on asking about asthma. Yet another thing about moving to the NW that makes me happy. :)

      Sounds like you had some awesome music this weekend! I love it! Are you going to do a review of the Tomlin concert on Pop Parables?

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Glad that Silas was able to go home… hope he recovers quickly from everything. (and you too!)

    We had our first ER visit last December…. not fun. :(

    Weekend was nice. Just relaxed and hung out at home. Much needed break.

  4. happy birthday!

    Isn’t it funny how we just “assume” everyone will read our statuses and that cell phones are so 1900s?

    1. I know you read ALL of my status updates, so we don’t need to worry about that, right? :)

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, Duane!

  5. dearest jr. brothertons…we’re so 1900’s cell-phones too. we found out about Silas because Craig is a facebook guy. so sad to think of sweet little Silas all tubed-up etc. We all prayed our little hearts out for Silas and Meliss and Josh and every body!! So relieved and praisin the Lord when we found out about him getting to go home Sat. nite. I told Sarah on Sunday..and she was so happy.She said she had been prayin for him about that on her own,cuz he is sooo cute Have a happy, happy birthday season Melissa…get better too!! love you all lots! Peace and rest and blessings on all your house! G’ma B PS–I thot”lol” meant lots of love when I commented a while back!! (I’ll try harder to be more in the” groove..”….Oh,that’s so 60’s!)

    1. I like your LOL better! :) Thanks for the prayers G’ma B, and we look forward to the time when you get to find out about these things (although hopefully there’s no more hospital stays) in person!

  6. oye vay! happy belated birthday!!!! i hope little silas continues to get better. this friday we spent my birthday eve in the hospital, too….madelyn fractured her elbow. when i pictured an eventful birthday, that wasn’t the sort of event i was looking for! oh well!!! enjoy all your birthday goodness. :)

    1. Since I slept through it yesterday, I don’t count your blessing as belated! :) Poor Madelyn…I wonder if we were in the same hospital! Happy Belated birthday to you too! How did I not know our birthdays are one day apart?! Are we the same person? Haha!

    1. Thanks, Shelley! He and I are both doing much better today. I think it has a lot to do with the copious amounts of peanut M&Ms I consumed this weekend. :)

  7. Oh Melissa ~ so sorry to hear about your weekend…hospitals are interesting places for sure! (Kinda makes you glad for the family you have, doesn’t it?) I, too, was in the hospital on Sunday, and although I didn’t have Peanut M&M’s, I had some coconut M&M’s when I got home. If you like coconut, they are quite good! ;) Happy Belated Birthday to you, and I am so glad that your son is better and home with you…. Peace!

    1. Mmmm! I love coconut! I’m going to have to try those out. :)

      I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I don’t consider them belated since I slept through it yesterday. :)

  8. so glad sweet silas is doing better and things are calming down in the brotherton world! praying for you and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET FRIEND!!! all about the birthday month celebrations ;)

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