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Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April & May (and beyond) I have dedicated to guest writers. Today’s featured writer, Jason Wert, is a fellow blogger who has committed this year to “stepping out and seeing what God can do” when you place your trust in Him. With vulnerability and honesty, Jason shares the highs and lows familiar to us all when we purpose to following God’s plan. You can read more on his blog, The Mustard Seed Year.

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First, thank you to Melissa for the chance to share on her site. I told her that putting my words on her site is guaranteed to cut her daily readership in half but she took the chance anyway!

Since I’m not a mommy blogger and I’m not usually a “ha ha funny” blogger I wasn’t sure what I should write that didn’t completely shatter the tone Melissa keeps so effortlessly on this site. Should I try to be light hearted? Should I be real with life and perhaps bring everybody down?

I decided to try and split the difference and celebrate being the first person to use the phrase “royally sucks” on her site.

I’ve been walking through some things and a friend suggested to me that it might be God showing his love for me in disciplining me. He brought up Hebrews 12 with a focus on verse 6:

“For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.” (ESV)

I had a laugh when I read it because of the first thought that hit my brain: Sometimes it royally sucks having God love us that much!

Am I the only one who gets tired of being disciplined when I don’t know why it is that I’m being disciplined?

We always have the knowledge we’re being molded to being more like Christ but we all also want to see some purpose for that refining; becoming more like Jesus means less when that change is kept only to ourselves. Our refinement has to be for changing the world and reflecting Jesus to that world.

So it’s frustrating when we are walking through the fire of refinement in our lighter fluid soaked underpants and it seems like there’s no purpose to the refinement. We want to know that purpose. We want to know the WHY.

That’s when God says we only need to focus on the WHO. Who it is that’s refining us. Who it is that’s preparing us for something that He is setting in place for us. Because no matter the trial and no matter the purpose the One behind it all never changes and is never in question.

Have you ever felt frustrated in a trial because it seemed to make no sense to you at the time?

Jason is a Philadelphia sports fan and NASCAR junkie.  He is an avid writer and enjoys long drives in the Tennessee countryside & the Natchez Trace Parkway. He currently lives in the Nashville area with his wife Amy.  He has three kids that keep him on his toes.




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12 thoughts on “Guest Post – Jason Wert

  1. I don’t know why (there it is again) we are so obsessed with finding out the “why” to everything. I am too, I’m just saying, isn’t it enough that God is orchestrating our lives to do something greater than we can imagine? When I read the book of Job, you know what I don’t see? God never tells Job “why” he did what he did. None. Zip, Nada. He just showed him the “great” things he has done, his track record and his faithfulness. Job walked away never knowing the “why”. I wonder why? (oops, there it is again).

    I like that you focused on the “Who”. Really, that is the point in our lives. Who? God of course.

    Thanks Jason for this timely post. Thank you Melissa for sharing Jason with us.

  2. Jason, so glad you guest posted over here! And like you stated, the “Who” is more important than the “Why”. It’s all we need to focus on, and if we do (notice I said if because I realize that we are human and want to know why, myself included) then we are eventually given the why, in God’s time. Good Post!

  3. Wow this is so true. That’s the hardest part for me, that faith that even if I don’t know what we are doing, HE does. People talk about no answer being an answer to prayer, but I’ve actually gotten the answer, “You don’t get to know that right now.” Isn’t it kind of nice to not have to worry about the “why” sometimes? Maybe it’s just me, but I often find comfort in the idea that someone ELSE is making the decisions around here. :)

  4. Absolutely man. I’ve walked through a good number of “why is this happening?” moments in my life. They say hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes I wish that forward vision was 20/20.

  5. I’m going through my own trial now (regarding work…or lack thereof) and wondering “why”. But, after reading the comments from many of the others, maybe I shouldn’t be focusing on the “why” so much, and just continue to serve the Lord.

  6. Oh my goodness…you just said lighter fluid soaked underpants…and I lost it. You are funnier than you think, Jason.

    You know what’s funny about the “why”? I don’t think it’s possible to ask that question without whining or self-pity.

    But, the “WHO”…that comes with focus on Him, and not focusing on me. Great post, Jason.

  7. Melissa, thanks for sharing Jason with us. :)

    Jason…. you’re posts are just as timely and good even when their published in Pacific Time. :) Good stuff!

  8. It’s definitely frustrating to be going through junk, with no indication about why it’s all happening. One of the things I appreciate as I get older is hindsight. With each new challenge I try to remind myself of past experiences where things just did not make sense, but God wound up working them for good. It doesn’t lessen the pain of the trials, but at least it tends to give it purpose.

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