Five Minute Friday: If You Met Me

Friday! Friday! {I bet I know what you’re thinking right now}

I love love love Lisa-Jo’s prompt for this week’s Five Minute Friday: “If You Met Me.” There’s nothing I do better than talk about myself {hello, that’s why you start a blog in the first place, right?}.

The point of the exercise is to write for five minutes straight without stopping to think or going back to edit* {kind of like how I talk}. You’ll be amazed at what comes out of your brain! It’s really fun. Ok, ready?



I would hope that it was at my house. I’m just much more comfortable there. Maybe it’s a control thing, if you met me you would see that I’m kind of controlling. More likely it’s because I like to host people.

We’d have all sorts of yummy dishes, like cinnamon pull-aparts or oatmeal cookies. Josh would make coffee and we’d sit around the living room chatting away. Of course the kids would be running crazy up and down the halls. They’d probably be mostly naked as well, cause that’s how we roll in the Brotherton household.

In the midst of the chaos of children showing off their tricks in doing somersaults and playing guitar, you’d discover that I laugh way too loud and talk way too fast. Also, I think you’d find that I’m not quite as serious as I appear in my little corner of the blogosphere. I love a good TWSS. Is that shocking?

If we met I would want to hear all about your favorite books {mine are classic lit}, movies {have you seen that there’s a new Jane Eyre?}, and music {I get all my new music from my husband because I’m lazy like that}. We’d talk about my obsession with NCIS, my thoughts on ministry leadership and how I’m awful at putting together an outfit.

Unfortunately I tend to be chatty, but I’m learning to listen more and so I’m sure you’d eventually get a word in edgewise. You’d just really have to fight for it. Haha!


Now it’s your turn…What would I discover if I met you?

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*I did add in the links & the boldness afterwards…but that’s it!

73 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: If You Met Me

  1. you would want to talk about books and movies and music?? sold!!! when can we meet??
    and i love that your kiddos would be running around chaotic and half naked..sounds like my house:)))

    1. It’s so nice I’m not alone in the scarcely dressed children club, it really does cut down on the laundry. :) You’re welcome to come on over whenever you can get your kiddos dressed.

  2. NCIS, yes! It’s amazing.

    My son has recently joined the ranks of boys who run around naked. It’s kinda funny…except when he jumps on the couch in front of the window.

    1. So, we live in an apartment above our church. EVERY Sunday lately my oldest takes his shirt off as soon as church is over. It’s hilarious. Also, we have a big picture window that looks over the courtyard, the courtyard where daycare children play five days out of the week. We may, or may not, have flashed those children numerous times over the past five years. Haha! Nice to know I’m not alone in my quirks. :)

  3. Ahhhh the naked kids thing, yes, us too! Love this glimpse into you Melissa, makes me want to.come.hang out for an afternoon at Casa Brotherton!

    1. I have three little boys, and a little lady, who would love to entertain your boys while we sat and feasted on brownies and your little peach. :)

  4. …ok…i just loved your post! ;) when can we drink some coffee and watch the new Jane Eyre?
    Have a wonderful day… thanks for making me smile.

  5. I’m a picky eater, not in what I eat but how it’s prepared. My wife absolutely loves this about me, oh, and I’m not sarcastic. At all.

    Also, I get a nervous cough before doing something in front of a crowd. Speaking, singing, anything…

    1. I’m not sarcastic at all, either. :) I am an extremely picky eater. And, because I don’t want to pass that trait on to my children, I frequently cook food I don’t like only to end up picking at it to make it palatable for myself. It’s kind of ridiculous.

      So, how are you picky about preparation?

      Hmm…I wonder if I have any nervous traits before public speaking. Probably just getting grumpy with everyone {sorry, Josh}. Haha!

      1. It has to be made with the key ingredient… “love.”

        You can definitely tell when that ingredient is left out, it tastes so… bland.

          1. This is going down a dangerous path… LOL
            For both of us, if something is thrown together real fast it’s obvious. Ingredients are left out, things aren’t thawed properly, etc…
            We both do it at times…

  6. Ha ha ha — I get the naked kids! I think my boys went through the entire winter without wearing their shirts. Even when it was -2o degrees outside. Now that it’s spring they’re wearing shorts and no shirts. Sigh. Until I make them put one on to go outside to play!

    1. So, we’re moving this summer from Southern California to Washington. My son has decided that since it will be colder in Washington he needs to acclimate himself now by refusing to wear proper attire. He no longer thinks it is necessary to wear a jacket or long sleeved shirts {or any shirt, sometimes}. He’s almost seven, so he thinks he knows everything. Haha!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. Let me just say that your boisterous laugh is one of the best things about you! Makes me smile because I can still hear it after all these years! As far as I go, naked kids would apply, I’m terribly blunt and share way too much information, loves cookies and makes them for company but more for myself ALL the time, and I laugh low and man-ish. Thanks for your post, it was a gooood one.

    1. Oooh, what’s your favorite cookie to make? Mine is oatmeal with nothing else…just a ton of cinnamon. Mmm, I think today will be cookie making day! When I get back up there we should get together with our naked children and have cookies. :)

  8. This makes me soooo excited that you are moving back home! Can we start a “Carly and Melissa” book club when you get here? So fun, so fun!

  9. I sooooo hope I get to meet you someday :) You sound absoultely delightful to sit on a couch with and chomp on cookies and “dish” as us girls only can do!

    1. And will you promise to teach me all of the photography tricks and tips you’re soaking up lately! Your photos and edits are stunning, Jenny. :) I say let’s make a date!

    1. One of my favorite episodes is the one where DiNozzo is accused of murder by Abbie’s assistant. His interrogation scene and the monologue in the jail cell are awesome!

      Yes, I’m a nerd. :)

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  11. This week in class we were asked to fill in a small questionnaire about identity. One of the questions was “What is one word others would use to describe you?”

    I really have no idea. I love the way you wrote this post because, honestly, it is pretty much exactly what I experienced last time I was in your home (and that was only at 3/4 strength on the half-naked kid thing). I do a good job of interpreting if someone is comfortable with me or not, but since I struggle with wanting EVERYONE to like me I try to focus on “just being myself” instead of how others view me. This can be good for helping me be less self-conscious, but it can also create glaring blind-spots by being unconcerned about the perspective others can bring.

    If you met me… I hope you’d be at ease, that you would be yourself, and that I could learn something about who you are. I hope that in learning about you I could simply learn to love and embrace you – to know you. We might laugh, we might talk theology or Lord of the Rings, music or movies – I’ve noticed that it all depends on who I’m with. We’d feed you and hope you felt at home. That and this post would take more than 5 minute ;)

    1. One word I would use to describe you, hmmm…that is hard because you are a conundrum. :) Maybe that would be the one word.

      Conundrum: {noun} a confusing and difficult problem or question; a question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle.

      Because obviously your dad loves a pun. :) The problem is that you are equal parts silly and serious, determined and easy-going. That’s why we enjoy you so much.

  12. If you met me you’d see that I’m a huge goofball! I’m the same way and write pretty seriously on my bloggy, but IRL I’m a jokester. I’m the king of puns. Usually really bad ones. Those are the most fun. You’d also realize that I can Jesus Juke ANY conversation. Like for really. Not in a jerk way, I just can start talking about Jesus in the middle of any conversation. You’d see that I live everything I write about. Because anything less is fake. And I don’t like fake. :)

    1. I can tell you’re a goofball by the grin you have in your avi.

      And really, is there any other type of puns? Aren’t they all bad ones? Haha!

      They’re like sin…it might seem like a good idea at the time, but really it only leads down a bad path {Jesus Juke!}.

      I don’t like fake either. I’ve always seen you as genuine. :)

      1. eeesh! I put “wise” on the worksheet, because I needed an answer and I have actually had people refer to me with that word. I cringe to have actually put that because it sounds SO prideful and pretentious, but I would rather put something honestly said than dishonestly self-deprecating just to sound humble.

        1. oops, that was supposed to be in reply to Melissa’s reply to my reply… sorry for gumming up the works

        2. You are wise…that’s what’s part of the conundrum. :) When I first met you I thought you were a slacker because you slept through every class. Imagine my surprise when you got a higher score than anyone on the exams and papers. You have an ability to be wise without forcing your wisdom on others. It’s not prideful or pretentious, it’s naturally who you are. :)

    1. Yay! I always wonder if the movie is going to be worth it or not. I will have to plan a girl’s night. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  13. Wow…I think we’re kindred spirits. We match on literature, laughter and leadership (control issues)…FYI, following your comments is like serial texting…psychotic…oh, and I’m with Bernard…IHBTTGI!! I didn’t know what TWSS was either.

    1. Um…I don’t know if serial texting is a good thing or a bad thing. I hope it’s the former. :) I also hate being told to Google things, but Ben did all the work for you. Haha! I would have answered the question if Ben wouldn’t have beat me to it.

  14. We have a lot in common. I just don’t have half naked children running around. ;) I just finished Jane Eyre last weekend and fell in love with it. I want to see the movie but it’s only playing in one theater here and I’ve no one to go with. Hubby said he’d go but he’d be bored out of his pretty head. Also NCIS! Yes please. Do you watch NCIS LA too?

    1. I read Jane Eyre the first time in 10th grade. I loved how dark and complex it was. I cannot wait to see the movie! You should drive over and we’ll watch it together. :) I do watch NCIS LA, but I like the original one better. :)

  15. What a gorgeous site! Wow. I have to leave this spot quick or else I’ll spend all of my day here. Definitely have to return to peruse your pages. Love it.

  16. If you met me you would think I’m shy. Seriously! Once I get comfortable with you though, watch out! I love to laugh and more than anything, make people laugh. I’m also very passionate and when I trust, I go all in. I really treasure relationships. I’m also a coffee lover, so if I hear starbucks, I’m all ears.

  17. Oh, my gosh, you made me laugh out loud. I had to look up TWSS, and I will probably never go back because I’m guessing there is a good chance one of my family members would put one of my malapropisms on it!
    Naked kids. Too funny. For your friends or family who don’t yet have kids-does it make them nervous and antsy? Funny how once you have kids you are able to do things you NEVER thought you had the capability or stomach to do.
    Wait! You love to hostess, I love to eat. Now there’s a match. NCIS too? It amazes me how much that so many of us have in common.
    Thanks for the uplift today!

    1. “For your friends or family who don’t yet have kids – does it make them nervous and antsy?”

      Great question! My husband and I never really gave it a second thought. They aren’t fully naked, so we thought it was funny to have them run around in a diaper (or undies). We have had a couple of people laugh at them, and one person made a comment once about being overwhelmed (this was due to a diaper change and covered nursing happening). For the most part, the people who hang out with us are totally used to it and just think it’s funny.

      It is great to discover people all over can be just like you, that’s one thing I love about blogging and social media. Thanks for stopping by, Kim! :)

  18. If we met, i would eat all your cinnamon pull aparts! I would also play a WWF game with you in person on my iTouch… you were my first opponent other then my hubby! :) My kids would join your kids in running up and down the halls, but they would probably be clothed (I am crazy about that… but working on being a less-tense mom!!)
    and I can’t remember the last time I read a book… now I read blogs! :)

    1. I would make a double batch so we could sit and play WWF and make ourselves sick. :) I miss playing WWF with you.

      As for reading books, try the kindle app on the ipod touch, that’s how I read a lot of my books. It was so nice to just have it there when I wanted it. But, blogs are so fun too. Haha!

  19. Hey Melissa, I think I would love sitting in your living room visiting you and Josh. coffee, treats and NCIS are all fun things, but I do like NCIS:LA more. I know sacreligious, ain’t it?
    I read too many non-fiction books, not enough fiction. and I’ve found so many good blogs, it’s hard to keep up on them all.
    God bless!!!

    1. I really like NCIS: LA. I guess I am waiting for it to work all its kinks out…they’ve had so much cast change. I don’t miss an episode though. Haha! What’s one of your most recent favorite non-fiction books? I read a lot of both, but my go-to are classic lit.

      1. The most recent book I have finished is Your Secret Name by Kary Oberbrunner. I currently have 3 in progress. Visioneering by Andy Stanley, UnChristian by Dave Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons, Radical by David Platt. I have blogged about Radical.

        I was disappointed with Nate not being in season 2, but Nell was a nice replacement. Who’s your fave character?

  20. You would find that I’m actually pretty quiet. And that I am obsessive about clipping my fingernails (not around you at least). :)

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