…and then Silas pooped on the floor

Do you ever have one of those days? The one that includes:


I know you do, and I love when you share them with me on Twitter or Facebook. Suddenly I feel more human, like I’m in community!

Things have felt a little heavy to me over the last week; you may not have noticed {or you may}, but I need some light-hearted-ness. It’s Friday! We’re heading into a 3-day weekend, and {at least where I live} the sun is shining bright!

Lisa-Jo asked us to spend 5-minutes on friendship, and the friendship I’m craving today are those of you who have life-moments like that above. I need a good laugh, and I’m betting you do to.

So, if you wouldn’t mind…could you leave a comment below with a funny, embarrassing, crazy story? Or a link to a blog post you wrote that tells about a time that life gave you a spectacular story ending?

Let’s do life together today!

When was a time in your life that was so crazy all you could do was laugh?

What’s a funny experience you’ve had with your kids/spouse/pet/friend?

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42 thoughts on “…and then Silas pooped on the floor

  1. i was flying home from my parents house in Chicago with my only child at the time who was 6 months old. The flight was suppose to be 45 minutes to Minneapolis, then a 2 hour layover then another 2.5 hour flight to my home. We boarded then sat at the runway for 45 minutes. finally taking off we circled Minneapolis and finally had reroute to refuel since we did not have enough fuel to circle any longer. we then sat on the ground there for two hours. By this time, trinity was screaming due to needing a bottle, yet I had misjudged and ran out of formula. She is screaming, I have a lady across the row telling to just quiet that child down, another man telling me he could help by using a pillow and a flight attendant yelling at them both. I finally get her calmed down and she poops her diaper. But of course we are now taking off heading for Minneapolis so I have to wait 20 minutes before I can get up and change her. The lady next to me plugs her nose about then time I feel my jeans getting wet. Yipee. I finally get to change her in one of those lovely washrooms, luckily she was a tiny thing, and try to clean my pants as best I can. We finally land 2.75 hours late and I have missed my last connection home. They were nice enough to give me a free hotel room when they saw the panic on my face of the thought of spending the night in the airport since I was flat broke and could not afford a room. But I get there and the restaurant they gave me vouchers for is closed, I have no extra clothes for me, so I have to wash my pants in the sink and use the hairdryer to get them dry, I have no formula so she got her first taste of cows milk, and hated it. So off to bed after an hour flight turned into five, with dirty clothes, a hungry cranky baby, a hungry cranky mom, 1 diaper left, a hotel next to the freeway, and a flight and customs to look forward to the next day. Oh yeah, I could not get a hold of my husband before he went to the airport since I was stuck on the plane, so he stood there waiting for me and I never came.
    i have never flown with a child again

    1. Oh my goodness! Lynnette! I do not blame you! What a horrendous trip! And those people’s comments?! I could not even imagine someone treating me that way.

      You did give me a good laugh though. :) Only because it’s over. Haha!

  2. A long time ago, a friend and I were outside by some benches during lunch hour from work. We didn’t have any money for lunch and we were just talking. A couple sitting right in front of us were sharing an intimate moment and eating those cheeses that are round and come wrapped inside a red plastic shell. (I’m not sure what they are called). Then they proceeded to get up and walk away. Lo and behold they left one of the cheeses behind. My friend and I looked at each other and rushed to the cheese and ate it.

    We weren’t homeless or anything, we were just really irresponsible with money. Even today, we share this story and laugh.

    1. Baby Bel! I love those cheeses. We buy them from Costco, in bulk. :) My kids would have gone and picked up the discarded one as well. Haha! Great story, Moe! :)

    2. You were just being a freegan…I dig it. I’m just glad you didn’t forage for them in the garbage cans. Oh, wait, that’s what my raccoon children do.

        1. OMG! That reminds me of another thing that happened…we have this video of when my bro was probably about 2 years old. My Mom is cleaning out the fridge, and handing things to my bro to throw in the trash. (Uh, what was she thinking handing them to a 2 y.o.!?) And, he starts eating the food she’s handing him to throw away. The even funnier part is that my Dad just keeps recording. And my Mom has her back to my bro because she has her head in the fridge. Then, she finally turns around and freaks out that my bro is eating something that has gone bad and was meant for the garbage. And, of course my Mom is like, “What are you doing? Why are just taping this? Why didn’t you stop him?” No response from Dad, just keeps recording. My Dad made a lot of these kinds of recordings; he was documenting without intervening so as to provide the most realistic portrayal of our life. LOL

          1. Haha! My dad used to just set up the video camera and record life. Those are some of my favorite videos to watch. :) And I would have totally freaked out!!

  3. There was this one time right after my oldest learned to walk. We were having a party and had a lot of church people in the house. Suddenly, I see Dale come down the hallway, huge smile on his face, holding one my wife’s skimpy bras. I guessed he liked the bright color of it. Anyway, he’s swinging it around like an airplane so I quickly snatched him and the bra up and whisked him down the hall to the bedroom so he wouldn’t cry over me taking the bra away from him.

  4. My three year old son was in the bath happily playing when he suddenly started yelling that he had pooped.

    The story he told went like this:

    “I was sitting here farting and watching the bubbles when all of a sudden, BOOM! … and I had pooped.”

      1. What, Tony!? What’s the word for that? I think it went from flatulaugh, to sharting…and then just plain pooping. I need a one word descriptive term for that scenario!

    1. I have three sons. This has happened more times than I care to share. The funniest part is when the non-pooping brother starts freaking out that the poop is getting close to him in the water.

  5. During the night, unbeknownst to us, one of my children – to remain unnamed here – decided to poop in the floor (carpeted) beside his bed, rather than walk all 11 feet to the restroom. Then, the child decided to fix it. He took every single wet wipe (at least 50 of ’em) and tried to wipe up the whole pile. He was only successful, though, in smearing a track o’ poo from the original spot to the final resting place under his bed… with a pile of 50 wet wipes, in various stages of fecal defilement, hiding the evidence.

    1. Kely, that’s horrible and hilarious at the same time! Yikes. I’ve got plenty of bodily fluid stories, but I can’t top that.

      Melissa, I feel for ya! Have a great long weekend. :)

    2. “the final resting place” “various stages of fecal defilement”

      haha! You should have a blog! :) Hehe! Thanks for helping me to know I’m not alone, Kely!

  6. Oh how I understand poop! And while we are on the topic..here are a few of my favorite poop stories provided by my children:

    When my oldest was 2 he was taking a bath while I was getting ready for the day. I had my back to him but could see his head in the mirror but couldn’t tell what was going on in the water..about 10 minutes go by and I walk over to get him out of the tub and am MORTIFIED to find that he had pooped in the tub and proceeded to stuff it into all the jets of the jacuzzi bathtub. He looked at me and said “It fits!” He was so proud! I cleaned that tub with bleach..while running the jets (that was fun the first time I pressed the jet button after the stuffing incident) but never could bring myself to run the jets while I was in the tub..totally ruined it for me! :) But we laugh about it today..

    And a more recent one..My youngest boy (2 yrs old) has regressed in his potty training and saves all poop for naptime and his pull-up. A couple days ago, my oldest son walked by while I was changing my youngest kiddo’s after nap pull-up and said,” wow, that’s a huge turd!” (yeah..where do they learn this stuff? I have always hated the word turd..almost as much as the word nugget..just say them both out loud..super weird words)

    Yesterday, once again, he had another after nap gift for me…while I was changing him he looked at me concerned and said,” Is there a huge turtle in there, Mom?” (turtle..to be FULLY confused with turd!)

    Oh little boys…they are so entertaining! :)

    1. The jets…oh my…I can’t stop laughing at that image! :)

      And a turtle! I love how the 2-year-old mind works. I notice your little girl didn’t have any poop stories. Haha!

      Thank you for sharing this, Dana! I really needed that laugh!

  7. I have so many…From which to choose?!

    I was breastfeeding my second child in my husband’s office. Door locked, etc. When I realized she had pooped…You know the breatfeeding kind of poop that squirts everywhere, doesn’t smell much, but goes everywhere. In fact it was like a waterfall over the back of her diaper and onto the chair I was sitting in. I thought I had it cleaned up when I went to change her, I realized it had leaked under me (it is warm so I didn’t notice) and had soaked through my pants…My husband is a doctor and his office is connected to the hospital. So I asked his nurse to get me a pair of scrub pants…She came back, not with scrub pants, but with patient pants. The kind that are made to fit size 0 to 49 and are inevitably see-through and no I was not wearing light colored undies. So I get the pants on poke my head out of the door of my husband’s office and make a mad dash with my baby in tow to the car. Only to be stopped by one of my husband’s partners. He wanted to coo at my sweet girl and I just prayed he never noticed my dark underwear through the patient pants I was wearing. I have never asked him if he noticed and that was nearly 4 years ago.

    There was the time my daughter puked at the playland at the mall. No she wasn’t sick she choked on the fluffy mittens that were shedding and that she insisted on wearing when it was 70 degrees outside.

    Then there are at least three poop stories on the floor, through the diaper and falling out on the stairs, etc.

    Finally the most recent one that I posted on my blog here… http://wp.me/pPf6R-9e It involves vomiting in cups while on a road trip. Fun times.

    My friends say I have more bodily fluid stories than anyone they know. I hope you enjoy these stories!

  8. Poop stories are so inevitable with kids, huh?! And breast milk poop is sneaky! Our oldest was only 10 days old when he had his first public blowout. My husband was holding him and got it all over his shirt. Haha!

    The choking on the fluffy mittens cracked me up, knowing your daughter was ok of course. :) I’m kinda scared to click on the link…vomiting in cups? Ok, here I go. :)

  9. My two girls share a room. Walked into their room a couple nights back because they were making a little too much noise an hour or so after we put them down. When I walked in, my oldest’s face was white. Literally, all white. She looked like a mime.

    Turns out she got into some diaper cream (for the youngest) we left out, smeared it all over every inch of her face, and was just playing around.

    Scared us at first… but we’ve had our share of laughs over the last 48 hours. :)

  10. This post reminds me of an online conversation I was having recently that turned into a Who Has the Worst Kid? contest. There was the kid who ate a tube of Ben Gay, the one who washed her hands in the toilet using toothpaste for soap, the one who ate super glue, and then Jorja, who washed her HAIR in the toilet, once smeared her entire body with chocolate pudding, and attempted to stab me with steak knives twice before her second birthday. It was nice to use her insanity as a point of pride for once.

  11. How about the time I got sooo sucked into Facebook that I didn’t know my dog had to go outside to poop. So, he pooped in the baby’s bedroom. And, then the baby thought it looked yummy and ate a good portion of it. Is that funny or just plain disgusting?

    1. Oh, the stories I could tell about being distracted by the computer as my children did horrendous things! And you just made me really happy that I don’t have a dog. :)

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