What if a fast is really a feast?

We may be committing to not eat at certain times of the day, or at all. Our favorite show, or that hour we spend tweeting and updating Facebook each night might be set aside for a period of time. Desserts are refused. Computers are shut down. Beds are relinquished early.

It can feel like a sacrifice, an emptying, a taking away.

Yet we gain: time, quiet, resources, and relationship.

You can choose to look at a fast as a negative, focusing on what you’re missing out on. Or, you can view it as a positive, rejoicing in what you’re gaining through the experience.

What are you feasting on today?

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26 thoughts on “f{e}ast

  1. The first line alone in this post captured my attention. I don’t think I needed to read any more…. (but I did of course! :))
    That is so challenging. What if we shift the way we look at things, and ultimately focus on them as they matter to God? Instead of focusing on what we’re giving up, what if we celebrated what we’re getting? (like you said.. time, rest, and relationships…)

    Excellent thoughts!

    1. It captured my attention to…the question kept running through my mind all day yesterday. :) I didn’t really think I needed to write anymore, as you can tell from the briefness of the post. Haha! Thanks, Dustin.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this since coming back from Brazil. Out there I didn’t really have access to the Internet and I didn’t bring my phone. Those are the two things I use most. I didn’t realize how much until I was a week without either.

    The days actually felt super long. I had so much free time on my hands. I talked to God a lot in the down time. I read 3 books in one week, which is definitely a record for me.

    I didn’t think about it this way but when you fast something that takes a lot of your time, you can be intentional about feasting on other things that are much more valuable.

      1. I read a novel called “So Young, Brave & Handsome” by Leif Enger. It was a different genre than I’m used to, but the writing was fantastic.

        I also read “Heavy Rain” by Kris Vallotton. It was talking about cultural transformation. It was incredible.

        I also read “Permission To Speak Freely” by Anne Jackson. I read it in 2 days. It was painfully beautiful.

        1. I haven’t read the first two, but I did read Permission to Speak Freely. I really, really liked it! Your description is perfect: “painfully beautiful” I’ll have to check out the other books. Right now I’m getting ready to start Ann Voskamp’s book with the (In)Courage book club.

    1. No, I’m actually participating in my first fast right now. I’m not doing a traditional no food fast, because I’m nursing. However, Josh and I are not watching any TV or going on the computer after the kids go to bed. That way we can spend time together; studying scripture, praying, worshipping, listening to sermons, etc. The purpose is all about drawing near to God and deepening our relationship with Him.

  3. >>What are you feasting on today?

    Today’s feast is the richness and high caloric banquet of being a son of God. I really never get tired of eating at this table. No matter how many times i sit down to eat, it is always filling and satisfying.

    1. I’ve never had that meal, I always go for the daughter plate. :)

      I agree that it is always filling and satisfying…however, like manna, I need it again the next day.

    1. Praying for you right now Jason! That you would sense His presence, have peace in your heart and mind, and have safe travels. I’m excited to hear about all that God does while you’re away! Be blessed!!

  4. Very interesting perspective. I do seem to look at what I’m losing and fail to see what I’m actually gaining. When we fast, we are actually gaining, not losing. Very well put!

    BTW, doesn’t that image make you want to break your fast? LOL :D

    1. I thought about that after I picked it. Luckily, I’m only fasting from media right now (it’s not recommended for nursing mothers to skip meals). It does make me want Thanksgiving right now. Haha! :) Thanks, Moe!

  5. this morning i have feasted on His truth. and His teaching of patience. not only patience and long-suffering in our circumstances but patience for other people. . .those we love the most who can hurt us the deepest. i have pondered on hope and on mercy. i have no clue where all this may take me, right now i know i am just beginning to process it all.

    praying that i continue to choose to feast on Him for the reminder of the day. . .but i recognize that will most certainly be a moment to moment choice.

  6. Melissa, such a simple thought, but so profound. I think it’s cool how God always wants us to see things from His perspective, because my perspective is soooo lame. FEAST is so much more exciting than FAST! Today I’m feasting on the fellowship of believers-those who lift me up when I’m down, especially when it’s just a friend being a freind. It’s what keeps me going so often in this journey of faith.

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