The Best Christmas Play Ever!

I have decided that there is nothing cuter or funnier in this world than watching your children perform in a Christmas play.

Well, except for maybe Silas in a paper hat.

What did you do this weekend?


13 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Play Ever!

  1. we nursed sick kids then sunday afternoon went into the city to do some shopping (non christmas)

    Joey was in a kids choir for church and refused to sing or even look at people then pluged his ears

    1. Ugh! We’re sick over here too…I’m hoping it’s all gone by Christmas day. Praying for you and your family! And there were a couple of kids who didn’t want to participate at our Christmas program. Ezra wouldn’t even go up on the stage. He sat in my lap the entire time.

  2. silas in that hat with the crooked smile going on that is kinda saying, ‘im the man, look at me’ is just about the cutest thing. . .wishing i could get some snuggles from that cutie! ;)

  3. oh that is too cute. i could just eat up little silas! i miss the baby stage…well parts of it! haha! i keep babying madelyn, but it’s just not the same. and i am loving this rain! you are brave to be heading out in it!

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