Humor Me

You knew I had to show off my cute kids, right?

I’m a momma, it’s what I do…

I promise tomorrow will not include pictures of my kids…well, maybe it will, but it won’t be just about them.

Did you do anything special this weekend?

Or, since I’m overwhelmed with candy, what’s your favorite sweet?

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12 thoughts on “Humor Me

  1. so stinkin precious!! i wish i could hold little squishy silas…i am a sucker for a squishy, Buddha baby :)

    favorite sweet…hmm probably dove milk chocolates…

      1. oh goodness … you are going to have to send me that recipe. maybe someday you can make the homemade hot chocolate and i will bring the pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls from scratch. . .mmmm

        ((…maybe thats too much sweet ;) ))

        1. My kids always beg me for “real” hot chocolate. I’ve perfected it over the last few years. So yummy!! I’ll have to write out the recipe and send it to you. And, I’ve heard a lot about those cinnamon rolls. I need to check out that recipe.

  2. I was really hoping you’d post pics of your kiddos! Thank you! They are SO cute! How fun!

    Yesterday, we did our parental duty and made sure London was frightened…At church…By the other babies in his classroom…Poor kid. Then, we went to Mike’s Mom’s house for enchiladas in (late) celebration of his Birthday. Then, we had Dave, Jaime, and Mike over for Halloween nothingness and made the boys watch Gilmore Girls. How exciting.

    On a more fun topic: I LOVE candy. Especially fruity stuff. Favorites are anything gummy grape or green apple. :-D

    1. There were decidedly not enough swedish fish and sour patch kids in my kids candy buckets.

      Did you put up any pics of London? What was he for Halloween? And your Halloween nothingness? Sounds like fun to me. :) Wish we could have joined you!

    1. Haha! She’s so like me, I think there are pictures of me doing the same thing to my little brother. Gotta love the “helpful” big sister. :)

      1. I was gonna say, this looks like every picture of us as kids, you with a death grip and cheesy grin, me and Darren bored or distracted.

  3. Your kids are too freaking cute! I don’t just say that to anyone either!

    What an adorable batch of photos you have there!

    Happy Fall!

    Did you see? Marni’s Organized Mess is on Facebook now! Will you “like” me? :-)

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