On Love

As much as this little boy loves his froggie…

Carrying it with him around the house.

Cuddling with it on the sofa while watching cartoons.

Setting it beside him while he colors on paper (and cars, and remotes, and iPhones…yes, iPhones).

Making sure that it’s there when he goes to sleep at night.

As much as Burp-Burp is loved by my little man…

God loves me more.

God loves you more.

God loves us more.

I needed to hear this today…and thought maybe you did too.

How have you experienced the love of God lately?

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14 thoughts on “On Love

  1. Thanks for this reminder! What a precious illustration. I LOVE that his animal pal is a frog named Burp-Burp. That is priceless. :-)

    1. We think it is a mangling of him trying to say ribbet, but we embraced Burp. Haha! Praying for you Haley as you celebrate the life of your Nana and look forward to the arrival of your little girl. :)

  2. God is showing me His love by the work He is doing in someone very close to me. (you know who I’m talking about I think..) God has called me to love this person not to change them..That is hard but I am learning.. It makes me feel so loved by God to see a heart I have prayed for (and prayed for) slowly beginning to turn to Him. And I liked this post! So sweet…

    1. In my opinion, the hardest thing to do is to stand by and watch someone we love wrestle with God. You want to scream at Him, “Why aren’t you fixing this?!” I have watched as people stumbled and tripped and fought against God’s beckoning. Then, I had children. It’s still frustrating, but I have a different perspective now. I realize that there is joy and meaning when my children figure something out on their own. Instead of me telling them how to climb that ladder or tie that shoe, they struggle and fail and want to give up. In either instance, the kindest thing we can do is encourage them in the process. I’m excited to hear that you see glimmers of them turning to Him, and I am praying for you as you watch this struggle happening.

  3. More than I can love Him, He loves me more. Incredible thoughts. Recently, I have experienced His love in the way His presence just surrounds me as He speaks about life and destiny and vision. I get excited just thinking about it!

    Thanks Melissa. :)

  4. oh, and that last comment of mine? It is SO not my blog anymore that is attached to my name. Apparently I’ve been here before, long ago. Small world.

  5. my goal for this season (whatever this season means!) is to come to a place of adoration for Jesus. To truly be enthralled in who He is and to know how He loves me so.

    I am not sure why I struggle to connect my head to my heart or my knowledge to my affection, but God has been showing His tender loving care in a new fresh way that has massaged my numb and calloused heart.

    yesterday afternoon i made a phone call to a couple girlfriends asking for a ride because i was out of gas and out of money. one offered on standby and i never reached the other one. well, later that day my daughter went to check the mail. And lo and behold, the God of the 11th hour “sent” a Visa gift card. Then later, cash was “deposited” into my purse….

    How precious are His thoughts toward me? Too numerous to count.

    His love is evident in His provision, but when He is silent and I am in the waiting, will I still sing of His praises??? I need to get to that place.

    Sorry for the novel! See – this is why we need a date night! Heehee!

    1. First of all, what a wonderful testimony of God’s provision for your needs! Secondly, I very much connect with your question about whether you’ll still sing His praises when He is silent and you are waiting. That is so hard, but desiring it seems like a very good start. :)

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