This weekend…

I talked to my husband without any interruption from our children.

I slept in till nine on a Saturday morning.

I ate coconut pecan french toast.

I browsed a used book store.

I only had one child.

I sat up talking with adults.

I got a full night’s, uninterrupted sleep.

I ate onion rings at Hodad’s.

I walked the pier at Ocean Beach.

I retreated.

Thank you to Life Pacific College for taking us on such a wonderfully relaxing staff retreat.

I was blessed and refreshed and loved every minute of it!


to our wonderful friends who helped us by watching Eli, Cora & Ezra!!

And He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest awhile.” Mark 6:31

As you can see, we did some pretty good eating this weekend at new places found through word of mouth.

I always love discovering new restaurants, so…what is one of your favorite places to eat?


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10 thoughts on “This weekend…

  1. chick-fil-a? ha :) actually i love this steakhouse in downtown raleigh that j. took me to the night he proposed…i am a sucker for a great steak. . .its called sullivans.

    1. Mmmm! Chick-fil-a was yummy. Haha!

      Steakhouses are so fun. I used to hate steak, when I went through my “I only eat chicken” phase in high school. Now I like it, but I have to get mine well done and Josh says I ruin it. Haha!

      1. i’m going to have to agree with josh on this one…medium is the way to go – so melt in your mouth :)

        do y’all eat sweet potatoes out west? because there is nothing like a good steak and a sweet potato with honey butter and brown sugar…mmmm

        1. I know, I know. I just can’t quite reconcile myself to putting something that looks raw in my mouth. Haha! We do eat sweet potatoes. I love sweet potato fries. Mmm!

  2. I agree with Josh, but at least you eat it.

    One of my favorites is BROWN BEAR restaurant. Federal Way, Medford, Shasta, Redding…

    1. It was lovely! I have been anticipating it for over a month now! We were both needing some time away to reconnect and recharge. I felt so lucky. :)

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