Most of the pictures in our iPhoto library of me are ones I took myself. Arm outstretched, faces squished, cheesy grin…these are my favorite type of picture.

Josh says it’s because I like control. He’s partially right.

I like the feeling of these pictures. Instead of focusing on if I’m smiling right, if my eyes are open, or will I look bad, I’m focusing on if I’m cutting our heads off.

Sometimes I DO cut our heads off, sometimes only one of us makes it in the picture. Then sometimes, every once in a while, a moment in our life is captured

a trip to the doctor

a birthday lunch

a new haircut

a wedding date

an evening stroll.

Our life is suspended in time. Instead of passing us by and fading away, we look back and the moment is remembered.

Wasn’t that fun?

Look how we’ve changed?

Oh, how I miss those days.

And this is what I offer up to you here. Snapshots into our life. Fragments of the things God is teaching me as I struggle to be the best lil wifey and momma I can be.

So just in case you’re wondering why I’m at this everyday, what compels me to offer up my internal monologue to the general public, now you know.

I’m capturing moments for the future.

“So these days were to be remembered and celebrated…” Esther 9:28

What’s something you do to capture today for the future?

How do you celebrate the little things?

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10 thoughts on “{Snapshot}

  1. Love these little snapshots. I like short videos too. Growing up, we would video hours and hours of a birthday party or Christmas. It was pretty unwatchable after a few minutes, but with a video that is a couple minutes or shorter, there’s always something cute or funny that happens. Maybe it’s the shrinking of our collective attention span. :)

    How do I celebrate the little things? I try to hold on to a hug a little longer (with family, not strangers). Make a conversation with my kids last longer. Stare into my wife’s eyes when she’s busy trying to do other things. I don’t always get it right, but when I remember and do stuff like this, I absolutely never regret it.

    Thanks Melissa!

    1. “I try to hold on to a hug a little longer (with family, not strangers).”

      Ha! That’s awesome. :) I record little videos all the time with my phone. We don’t actually own a camcorder, so those little videos are all we’ve got. They are much more interesting to watch, and less nauseating.

  2. I adore your photos, girl! I HATE taking pics of myself, so I hardly have any. Savoring the sweet memories is neat. We take lots of photos around here, too! And we have a family blog that is just for that purpose. It’s our ebeneezer stone! ;)

    Speaking of photos…I would actually love to take a photography class. I’ll hang that right up there with wanting to take a guitar, creative writing, photoshop and sewing class! :D

  3. I challenged myself to do a picture a day of my daughter for her first year. It’s not always easy, but I’m so thankful I have so many wonderful memories captured, making even the little things important!

    1. I’ve seen your pictures on your blog, Kara-Kae. They’re so cute! I think it’s great that you’re doing that. I have another friend who’s doing it, as well. I don’t take one everyday, but with my iPhone I take them pretty frequently. :)

  4. “I’m capturing moments for the future”

    If that’s not a great reason to write, I don’t know what is. I’m with Jason, I love pictures but also short videos. I love how technology allows us to document things like we never would have been able to in the past.

    1. Usually my husband and I are there with our iPhones, one taking pics & the other video. Haha! Our kids are conditioned to say, “Cheese!” Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are from those times my dad set up the video camera and just let it record our normal life. Those are the moments that would definitely have been lost if not for his foresight.

    1. Thanks! I usually hate most of the pictures I take of myself too. What’s funny is to go back and look at pictures of me from years ago and I realize I don’t look as bad as I thought. So I try to keep some of them. Haha!

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