The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I went to sleep feeling sick and hoping I’d feel better in the morning and at 3 AM my daughter woke me up to say she wanted to sleep with me, which was when I discovered that my oldest was already in bed with me and my husband was in our oldest’s bed. I told my daughter to get in bed with my husband, in our son’s bed, and instead my husband woke up and got in my daughter’s bed with her while I went to take some more cold medicine because I could tell that it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night.

As I returned to my bed I tossed and turned but my sinus headache was keeping me awake so I decided to go sleep on the couch to elevate my head, leaving my son alone in our queen size bed, but once in the living room I realized that I wasn’t able to fall back asleep and I turned on the latest episode of House that had been recorded on my DVR.

Around 5:30 AM I had finally dozed off on the couch when our 2-year-old son started screaming bloody murder because his sippy cup was out of milk and as many times as we’ve told him to peacefully alert us to the lack of liquid refreshment to soothe him back to dreamland he still insists on shrieking at the top of his lungs until one of us, usually my husband, enters his room where we are then greeted by closed eyes and a raised hand and the words, “More Milk.”

A half hour later I had once again fallen asleep on the living room sofa when I realized that yet again there was a child crying for attention, this time being the youngest one who is only sated by a type of milk that my husband cannot provide him and so I found myself propped up in the living room, baby on my lap, sinuses raging and the end of the House episode flashing before my eyes.

It was at this moment I realized I was going to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

My husband’s alarm went off at 6:45 AM. The sounds of shower turning on and morning school preparations woke me on the couch. I crawled into my prewarmed bed hoping for a few more hours rest, only to hear the baby crying once again for Mama milk. Josh brought the baby to our bed and I prayed that we could both fall back asleep, until I felt the familiar wiggle of toddler legs climbing my comforter and a cheerful, “Hi Momma!”

Head still foggy from nighttime cold medicine, stomach aching from post-nasal drip, I stumbled my way out to the living room where morning cartoons were overly cheerful and why does every light need to be on? I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Breakfast was made, baby was calmed, children were zoned out on “educational” programming.

Maybe today wouldn’t be so bad.

I was wrong. There came fevers and chills as I dressed to leave the house, they continued as I carried the baby, who suddenly weighed 50 lbs, coaxing the toddler to come down the stairs and praying my 4-year-old did not run in front of cars, strapping and buckling and driving and picking up and unbuckling and back up the stairs.

Returned home I made chicken nuggets for all because that’s all mommy has the strength for and talked to my mom because we all want our mommy when we’re sick and then put the kids down for a nap, and not. one. slept. Because it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

That’s what it was, because by 3:30 PM all were awake and screaming and fighting and husband was still two hours from home and I didn’t know how much more I could take. I’ll pray for you mommy from my precious daughter was appreciated but all mommy wanted was a break.

Finally husband was home, and despite his hard day I got my break and breakfast for dinner and giggles on the bed with all four little squirming bodies and A says A-A-A-A-A-A-Alligator all the way to Y says Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yellowtail because he hasn’t learned Z yet.

It turned out to be a pretty good day.

**Part of our day included reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst which made me feel better about my day and made me excited to write a blog post because I really wasn’t feeling up to it before.

24 thoughts on “The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. And I suppose I should follow that up with a “I really do hope you’re feeling better today. I’m proud of you. I could not do what you did. I’d have kept my husband home from work.”

    1. Thanks Kelly! I wish I could have asked him to stay home but I already used up my “I need you to stay home today” a few weeks ago when I had the stomach flu. I only get so many sick days. Haha!

    1. I was sick on Saturday and Sunday, and I felt so grateful that it happened while Josh was home for the weekend. But then it continued into the week and I felt miserable. Haha! But I’m much better today! Yay!

  2. So glad you are feeling better! Sometimes it’s hard to remind myself that those days do indeed end eventually. A beautiful smile from a sweet child can mend many ills :)

    1. It turned out pretty nice, much better than I was expecting, all thanks to my wonderful husband who let me just lay in bed once he got home. :) I’m definitely feeling better today, too.

  3. How do they do it? How do kids know when mommy reeeeaaally needs them to take a nice long nap today, which of course means that they won’t?

    1. I know, right?! Even Silas wasn’t napping; he’s all fussy from being sick too. Luckily he and I are doing better today, just in time because I think Elijah and Ezra are getting it. Crud.

  4. God is so great to give you kids and a husband who adore you – so blessed to have known you (and Josh)from your youth through today.

    1. I’d say you’re just as blessed with your husband and kids, Tonya. :) We’re looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving donuts with your family. Love you!

  5. I remember reading that book to Sam! And your right, some days are just like that. I hope & pray that you are being healed right now, in Jesus name! That God would give you all that you need today. love you

    1. I love that book. I love how he complains and complains and now one listens and he keeps threatening to move away, like it would make it better, and in the end his mom just says that those days happen…everywhere. :) Haha! A good reminder.

  6. My heart is aching for you and your day. How I wish I were close so I could help relieve some of that burden. SO glad you’re on the mend, and thankful for your wonderfully positive perspective that made ME think, “Wow! Of course there will be hard days, but look at the joy she was able to find even in the worst of circumstances…Big family, here we come!” :-) So, anti-birth-control for me! :-)

    1. You’re so sweet Haley. What’s funny is in moments like this I think, “I want to move to Washington, because then I’d have help.” But really, there’s help here that I’m probably not taking full advantage of and there were definitely days like this for me when I was a momma in Washington. There’s just days like this sometimes. And yes, join my big family club! :)

  7. Glad you are on the mend! That does sound like a bad day..but way to see the silver lining..that’s hard to do on days like this!

    1. I was feeling so sorry for myself, but as I cuddled on the bed with all four of my kids I realized that I didn’t have it so bad. As crazy as they can be, as frustrated as I can get, I love my little ones so much and wouldn’t trade them for anything…and that’s what keeps us going, right?

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