You’re not alone…

It’s Monday morning, which means Josh is back at work, Eli’s at school and I’m home with the three younger kids. I have dishes leftover from the weekend, dirty laundry piled up in my room and an empty refrigerator that needs restocking. The thought of it all exhausts me.

I wish I had the option of dropping my kids off at one of their grandma’s for a few hours to complete my tasks. I wish I had a fellow SAHM to come over and ignore the tasks with me as our children play together.

I wish I wasn’t alone.


Do you feel like this? It might not look exactly like mine, but do these thoughts of isolation and loneliness plague you like they do me? I think we’d be surprised to find how common these feelings are.

I was.

Last week I was chatting with a friend online; someone I view as social, outgoing, and engaged with others. In fact, in my loneliness I have frequently looked at her as an example of someone I wished my situation was more similar too. She seems to have so many friends and people to interact with. I envied her.

Imagine my surprise when, in the midst of the conversation, she expressed the same lonely feelings I have. I never would have expected that of her.

And it helped to know that I’m not as alone as I think I am.


I don’t think this topic applies to just SAHMs. Regardless of gender, age, employment, marital status, whatever; we all have moments when we feel isolated and alone. Times where we compare our current situation with those of others, and find it lacking.

And I think this is exactly what Satan wants. For us to feel alone, separated, forgotten and obsolete. He uses situations in our past to impact our relationships in the present. He takes advantage of our sinful natures to keep us from building healthy relationships. He divides us into cliques with what appear to be insurmountable barriers between us.

And I want to talk about it this week.

I’d love for you to join me as I take a look at loneliness. I’ll show what purpose there is for Satan in us feeling lonely. I will discuss some of the relationship killers I’ve discovered in my own life. I’ll show how my faith has taught me to change how I behave in relationships. Lastly, I’ll talk about looking outside our clique/box to discover those relationships that God has waiting for us.

I’m not a relationship expert, but I am in relationships. I’m doing this partly because I want to combat my own feelings of loneliness, and partly because it helped me to know I wasn’t alone, and know it will help others as well.

I’ve been praying about this topic and know God has a lot to say to us!

So, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Part Two.


22 thoughts on “You’re not alone…

    1. I’ve been struggling with this…not just the feelings, the posts. I think there’s some things God wants to share, because I’m having a REALLY hard time getting it out. :)

  1. Yep! I know this season well, too. Especially last year when I decided to stay home. Even with many friends around, it’s easy to feel lonely and out of touch…Will be praying over this series! I know God will meet you here!

    P.S. Did you get my text when I drove by your casa last week? :)

  2. looking forward to this series. . .my counselor and i were just talking about the vast difference in being alone and loneliness this morning. . .

  3. looking forward to this Melissa! I can relate to your words about lonliness and isolation..

    I love the quote from the movie P.S. I love you:
    “If we all feel alone, then we are all together in that too.”

    Sometimes it’s just good to know others struggle with the same things..makes us all feel less alone, and provides an opportunity to remind each other how much we need our heavenly Father to fill those lonely places in our hearts! Thank you for sharing your heart Melissa. You are a blessing!

  4. When my children were younger, the loneliness would wake me up at night. Yes, I know what you’re talking about, and you’re right. It’s Satan’s way of getting us down.

    Thanks for posting. I’m looking forward to your next blog. Have a happy, fulfilling, un-lonely week!

    1. Honesty and transperency is freaking me out. I want to be honest with where I’m at, but I also don’t want people to reject me for doing it too much. Haha! :) Thanks for the encouragement. It’s been interesting looking into this and all of the stuff that God’s revealing to me about loneliness.

  5. what a great subject to bring to light. i fully understand about lonliness also. moving to a new city, a sahm, no family for at least 10 hours and no friends here. i also long for the person just to come over and have a cup of tea/coffee and just talk and let the kids run around

    1. Whenever I see your status updates, I always connect with what you’re going through. It’s funny how our lives have ended up so similar. :) I’m praying that God will bring people into your life in your new city who will support you and encourage you.

  6. I agree. We all have the moments of loneliness, but it’s what we do with them that is so important. Do we reach out and be friendly or recoil and further isolate? We’ll all feel this, but we don’t have to stay there (praise God for that).

    Thanks Melissa.

  7. If I had read this before you came to the school yesterday, as soon as you asked me how I was doing, I would have probably melted into a puddle of sobbing, emotional mess. Life has been rough. Thank you for your willingness to delve into the subject and talk about what you are going through. I am looking forward to reading your blog this week.

    1. Oh Ginny. I’m sorry to hear that! I wish I would have known because I would have given you a hug and prayed with you. Lord, bless Ginny today. Help her to feel comforted and at peace, regardless of her present circumstances. Thank you for your intimate knowledge of her and her needs. Help her to feel hope for the things ahead and joy in her present. Show her the people around her who are there to love her, encourage her and support her.

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