{Mommy Must Have} Giveaway!

September 2008

This picture was taken two years ago while our family was apple picking.

Many people saw this picture and assumed I’d stuck Ezra in my shirt.

Instead, he’s cuddled up in what has become one of my Mommy Must-Haves.

September 2010

Can you believe how much he’s grown?

He still likes to cuddle up on his momma when he’s in the wrap though.

And now Silas is the one who hangs out here the most.

So what is it, you ask?

It’s a Moby Wrap!

And the people at Moby wrap are giving you, one of my readers, a solid colored Moby wrap of your very own!

But that’s not all…

Look at this!

No, not the cute kid. The blanket.

They’re giving away one of those, too!

And it comes with a matching hat…which didn’t fit Silas, so he wasn’t very happy.

So let me recap:

Moby wrap (who you can follow on Twitter or like on Facebook) is giving away a solid colored, 100% cotton Moby wrap {$39.95} AND a solid colored, 100% cotton Moby blanket {$17.95}!

I have been so excited about this!

The wrap is seriously something I could not do without. I use it every day. It is made of a super soft cotton that is so comfortable for both baby and mama (or daddy). I used it for two days straight while we were at Life’s Fall Retreat earlier this month. My back never hurt and the only time Silas fussed was when he was hungry. I just bought a second one, so now I have one to wear when the other is in the wash; cause it’s machine washable! Really, this is a great product!

I did not take full advantage of it with Ezra. I was intimidated by the tying and worried that he would fall out. With four children, I quickly overcame those obstacles,and I now wish I would have used it more with Ezra. As you can see, I do put him in it occasionally; it works with babies 8-35 lbs.

And then there’s the blanket. I love this blanket! I was eyeing them last month, as I shopped the Moby website for a baby shower gift. These blankets are a 42″x42″ square of the same 100% cotton the wraps are made of. This blanket is the perfect size for swaddling Silas and great for tummy time! I think the hat is so cute too! I haven’t given up on him wearing it; it’s cotton so I’m going to try to stretch it.


So, how does this work?

Well, I learned in my first giveaway not to have it end at midnight; because then I have to stay up till midnight.

You have until 8 PM (PST) on Thursday 9/30 to check out the Moby website and leave me a comment below letting me know what color Moby wrap and Moby blanket you would get if you won (you don’t have to choose the same color for both).

I will choose a winner at 8:01 PM (PST) using Random.org. and announce the winner on Friday’s blog post.

I am so excited about this giveaway. I told myself when I started this blog that I wasn’t going to be one of those bloggers who ends up just writing commercials for free products. That is not at all why I’m doing this. I have gotten so many comments and questions in wearing Silas in my wrap, and it got me thinking that it would be really cool to be able to give one away on my blog.

I approached Moby, totally thinking they’d turn me away, but they have been completely generous and so helpful in every way!

Now, check out their website, pick your colors, then come back and let me know!

Good luck!

{So you don’t forget to check back, sign up for (free) email updates or subscribe in a reader to my blog. That way you’ll know if you won, and I’ll greet you in your inbox every morning!}

Update: Since some people have multiple comments, I wanted to clarify that your number in the giveaway will be based on your FIRST comment. :) Good luck all!

UPDATE 10/4/10: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is commenter #25: Joel. I am linking this up at Adventures in Babywearing due to the recent recall of slings and carriers. I’m linking it up because I don’t know what I’d do without my Moby wrap and wanted people to know I believe in it so much that I’m giving them away.

**This giveaway is open only to residents of the United States. Moby Wrap did send me a blanket to review for this giveaway, however, I purchased my two wraps on my own. Moby Wrap did not require that I give them a positive review in exchange for the blanket, or the giveaway items. I will only endorse products here that I absolutely believe in and would personally use.

79 thoughts on “{Mommy Must Have} Giveaway!

  1. Stumbled upon your site so I’m leaving a comment about the moby wrap! Expecting #2 in a matter of days. Loved the color: sienna or black.

  2. I’ve heard so many excellent things about the Moby! I’d pick a wrap and blanket in chocolate and forest. I love their selection of earthy tones!

  3. Melissa! I almost bought one of these myself, but like you, I”m a bit intimidated by the tying of it and making sure I get it right. If I were to get one, I’d get a black wrap and an olive blanket. :) Keegan is supposed to make his grand appearance in 5 weeks, but I’m hoping it’s a bit sooner than that! :)

    1. Melinda, the first one I bought was the black one and I love it! It took a few tries to get used to it, but now I get comments from people about how easily I change Silas’ position in the wrap. During church it’s not unusual for me to have him start in the cradle position and then turn him around for the hug hold. I just tried out the back hold with Ezra (and Cora — she’s so tiny) last weekend. I’m still learning all the holds myself, but I would not trade this wrap for any other. Good luck! :) And congrats on Baby Keegan. I can’t wait to see pics on Facebook.

  4. ooh! What I’ve been waiting for ;) I would get the chocolate blanket then either the matching chocolate moby, or the beautiful almond blossom one we just purchased for a friend!
    I always wondered if you were afraid your kids would fall out ;) I would be. But, now I know that’s just ridiculous!

    1. I love that you’re entering this, because it’s going to set tongues a- waggin’! Of course, for all those that know you, you are not pregnant! Haha! How cute would a baby be in the chocolate Moby wearing a hat! :) They’re not including the almond blossom one in the giveaway (bummer) but if you don’t win I know what I will get you *someday* when you’re pregnant!

      1. haha, that was a risk I am willing to take!!!!! (I had a feeling about the almond blossom one, that’s why I said chocolate) Thanks friend :)

  5. I love, love, love the Moby Wrap! Maisie loves to be worn and my Moby is my go-to wrap. I’ve never been really good with the ring sling but use the wrap all of the time – last night, I took both girls food shopping with Maisie in the Moby and Aubryn in the cart so that I had my hands free to shop. And I totally agree – the only time that Maisie fusses in the wrap is when she’s hungry. A must have for museums and zoos too. Can you tell that I love it? HA!

    I’d choose the wrap in black or slate and the blanket in lilac – what a pretty shade! I have the wrap in pink already but would love a second one for when the first is in the wash!

    1. I took all four kids to Costco yesterday. I had Cora & Ezra in the cart and Silas in the Moby. It’s so nice to have them all contained and still be able to use my hands. :) And, Silas gets much less fussy in the wrap then he does in the car seat. I love my Moby as much as you love yours, so you know I was so excited about this giveaway!! And the blanket is so soft and huge! Love it! I have only used Mobys for my boys, so I didn’t get to have any of those cute girly colors. The lilac is lovely. :) Good luck Megan!

  6. Love babywearing! I love the chocolate or the sienna! We used a different sling for our now eight month old but would love to try a moby for our next one!

  7. OH MY WORD!!!!! This is SO exciting!!! I just started researching Moby wraps!! My husband and I are about to start trying and couldn’t be more excited. I LOVE the green (forest) wrap! Definitely gender neutral.

    The Dot blanket is absolutely precious!!

    1. Perfect timing! Obviously, I love mine. I started using it with our youngest when he was a few days old. And I used it when we flew with him when he was 3 weeks. It was perfect for the plane. :) Good luck!

  8. I am liking the red for the wrap, but I’d go for the indigo for the blanket.

    I’d love to win! I’ve never used a Moby or Moby-style wrap. Just carriers, pouches, and slings, none of which I am wild about. My back always starts aching.

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway.

    1. Everyone is liking the red. Maybe I need a third… Haha! The only carrier I’d used before my Moby was a Snuglii with my oldest. It was kind of uncomfortable and I’ve heard that they’re not the best for your baby. I think the Moby is so comfortable. I’ve never had my back hurt while wearing it, and my son loves riding in it. I’m so excited about this giveaway! :) Good luck!

  9. Melissa, I LOVE this giveaway!!

    I would choose the black Moby. It would be my second (my first is gray) and I’ve always wanted a black one. Maybe because most of my post-pregnancy tops are black. :-)

    I really like the blanket in Dots, but I’m obsessed with pink at the moment, so I think I would go with Fuchsia. Everything in my house is blue/green and spotted. Haha!

    1. I didn’t know you had a Moby already! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the gray one. I love my black one. I almost bought my second one in black, but figured I should go for some color. :) I love the dots blanket. It’s so cute. But I totally get what you’re saying about the pink.

  10. I like to plan ahead (and, I clearly stalk your blog) so I’m in!

    Moby Wrap in Pacific (if that’s an option – not sure Seasonal is an option) or Moss
    Moby Blanket in Pacific

    I have so many friends who swear by the Moby Wrap (as in, “if I was stranded on an island with my baby, what one thing would I bring?” – this might just take the cake!)… and since we are planning to start a family soon, I would love to tuck one away in anticipation of baby #1!

    PS – it’s good to hear about your personal experience with this as well. I always love hearing straight from a mom – especially who have had multiple kids with different personalities. I have a lot to learn from you!

    I’ll have my fingers crossed till 8pm! ;)

    1. That’s what Candace is doing. :) Haha! I’m not sure if the Seasonal ones are an option, I’d have to double check on that if you win. I definitely would want my Moby if I was stranded on an island with my baby. How else would you be able to scale a tree for coconuts while breastfeeding? Haha!

      1. I like that you have to actually be breastfeeding, while climbing the coconut tree. At least if you run out of milk, you’ll have coconut milk ;)

          1. Well… you can’t completely rule out fending off wild animals with her bare hands or cooking something over a campfire while children run amuck. Either way, hands free is the way to be! ;-)

  11. I would choose a black wrap and an indigo blanket! I absolutely loved my Moby wrap when my daughter was small, but traded it away when she got older for another carrier… now I’m pregnant with #3 and a Moby is top of the list for things I need to get for baby! :)

  12. I love the chocolate wrap and indigo blanket. But, those are just my favorite. I actually love all the colors!
    LO is due in January and I can’t wait to wear him/her!

    1. Wanna know a sad story? After I had Silas I couldn’t eat chocolate for over a month because it made him gassy. Even a small piece of chocolate would cause him to be so fussy. I was really sad. Haha! But now…hmm, maybe I need to contact someone at See’s. :)

    2. And of course, I obviously thought you were talking about the candy, not the color of the wrap and blanket. Haha! :) I still think chocolate candy would make a nice giveaway. And you’re right, this would make a wonderful gift for a new mom!!

  13. I am 14 and a half weeks pregnant with my first, but its still early and I don’t know for sure the gender. I would very much like a moby wrap, I have heard only good things about them. I like the Navy blue for the wrap and I was going to say Dots for the blanket then I realized it had to be a solid color so my second choice would be the natural. I’m hoping for a girl, but I figure I better go nutural just in case I have a boy.

  14. Hi Melissa!

    I just love that you are giving all of us the chance to win a Moby Wrap and then BONUS a blanket as well!!!

    We have finally been blessed and are pregnant with our first child (a baby boy) due in early December after nearly two years of fertility treatments. =D

    I’ve been recently obsessed with the Moby Wrap… watching all of the YouTube videos and reading all the reviews, but I just haven’t been able to sell my husband on it quite yet. It would be so nice to be able to win this product and prove him wrong, lol. I’m betting he’d use it as much if not even more then myself.

    If I won I would choose a Slate or Pacific wrap (if available) or the chocolate if not and the blanket in Pacific.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!


  15. LOVE this giveaway! I’m due with my 2nd Nov. 20th! I never had a moby with my first, but I hear they are a MUST have :) I would go with black for the moby wrap and natural for the blanket! I’m having a girl and I’m very tempted to do pink, but neutral is always best :)

  16. Oh, wow. I totally want to enter your giveaway too. We’re not panning on more at this time. But you never know. I could also give it away like Jess suggested, super idea.
    I like the black Mobi. And any neutral blanket color.
    How fun!

  17. Well, if I won, I’d probably go with the black wrap, because I already have the brown one. And for the blanket, I’d go with fuschia, because it’s so pretty!! :) Love Moby and I love giveaways!!

    Blessings to you Melissa!


  18. I was just looking at the Moby Wrap website a week or two ago! I have a hotsling, but I just can’t figure out the positioning. It just never feels right… I’m so glad to see so many great reviews about this wrap! I would love a black wrap and a moss blanket :)

    1. Love, love, love my Moby. I was so excited about this because I thought of all my friends I want to give one to. :) I never tried the Hotsling. The Moby is the first & only wrap/sling I’ve used.

  19. OH MY GOSH!!! I SOOOOOO want a Moby Wrap with my next one. I’ve already planned it out….I’m not even preggo yet! Hehehe….I love all the colors, but I think I would choose the Forest Moby wrap, and maybe indigo for the blanket. I know I’d change my mind if I won…oh geez! :)

    Thanks for the chance!!!!

    1. Good luck, Ashley…on both the giveaway and getting pregnant. Haha! BTW, this choice is not binding. You can make a final choice later if you win. :)

  20. My wife sent me the link to your giveaway. I see her comment but I have to disagree with her on color. I like the chocolate for both.

        1. Haha! I’m still working on getting my husband to wear ours. He’s a little nervous about the baby falling out. Even though I wear it all the time just fine. :) Good for you!

  21. I like the black wrap and the camo blanket. My baby boy is due Dec. 31st, and I can’t wait to wear him!

  22. I have a black one and I love it. It is so snuggly and comfy. I switch between this and the ergo. I have shoulder and back problems and Bjorn style carriers give me problems and I can easily wear either wrap since they take weight off the shoulder. I love the fact that Jackson can face out in the mob. It is so versatile, I can’t wait until Jackson is old enough to try out the back carrying ones. I have even seen a woman carrying an infant in a Moby on the front and a toddler in an Ergo on her back!
    If I won I would do an Indigo blanket and a Pacific wrap.

  23. I would pick the black wrap! I’ve got a 3 week old and have been thinking about this wrap! I’ve never seen the blanket!


  24. I think I might be too late but still thought I’d try :)
    LOVE the blossom one! Hope you’re doing well! I read your blog every now and then for updates since you live so far away…

    1. Sorry Meg! The entries had to be in by 8 PM. :( It’s nice to know you’re checking in though. I always enjoy looking at pictures of your beautiful daughter on Facebook. :)

  25. I have to say… I missed the memo about the winner being posted on FRIDAY – hope you post early because I’m sitting here in R-side biting my nails in anticipation! (okay, not really… but I AM really excited!!)

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