At least he didn’t kiss her…

“Mommy, I really like Aleah.”

“That’s good Lij.”

“No. I mean, I really like her. We like each other.

“Like, she’s your girlfriend?”


“Did you kiss her?”


“Are you sure you didn’t kiss her?”



“It’s like we fell in love.”

{Sigh} So, it begins.


Tomorrow I’m doing another giveaway!

I know, what has gotten into me?

I can’t wait to tell you what it is!

But, you’re going to have to wait…

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13 thoughts on “At least he didn’t kiss her…

  1. Love it!

    Yesterday while I was getting ready for church I was talking with Gavin about what new friends he has in K…. After a list of boy names, I asked if there were any girls.

    He said “Hailey. She is pretty.”

    I said “Well, what does she look like?”

    “Selah. She looks pretty just like Selah.”

    1. What a sweetie! :) That’s so cute. He’s such a good big brother. I miss you, your children and your husband. We need to hang out. Hear that, God? I’d like to go play with Jessica. :)

  2. Oh dear. I dread this day with my daughter. If she’s anything like me or her father… well, I guess odds are she is. So I’m in trouble. I’ll just come back to get advice from y’all in a couple years :)

    1. Oh, it’s a completely different thing in my mind to have my son say this then it will be when my daughter does! I know my husband is not looking forward to the day that Cora comes home with a little crush. :)

    1. I know! I was blown away when he said this to me on Friday. I didn’t think I’d have to start dealing with this yet. And he was so cutely embarrassed. :) Haha!

    1. Just you wait…it’ll be tomorrow when London tells you about the little cute girl in his class. :) Haha! Oh…AND do NOT forget to check here tomorrow because what I’m giving away would be perfect for you!!!! Can you tell I’m excited? :)

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