The Life & Times of a Sleep-Deprived Mom

I want to write a post, but my brain is so scattered.

All week I’ve misplaced what day it is. I swear today is the second Friday we’ve had, because yesterday was definitely Friday. Nothing has happened in the right order and not much went according to plan.

Early Monday morning I woke up and got violently sick. My first thought was, “Please God, I can’t be pregnant!” Luckily, it was just a stomach bug. The funniest part was later that morning; Josh said something that showed he was having the same thoughts. I guess we’re both pretty certain that our birthing years are over. Maybe it’s time to make that call to the doctor.

I’d like to go through the rest of this week for you, but I honestly don’t remember what happened Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s a blank for me.

Yesterday the kids and I went to visit Josh at work. This is always quiet the experience. Whenever we walk on the campus of Life Pacific College I feel like someone sprays my children with a magic potion that causes them to forget every lesson I’ve tried to drill in to them about how we behave in public.

And the running…down the ramp, up the stairs, across the field, through the landscaping. Trying to look cool and college-y relevant is futile when I’m yelling at Eli to get out of the tree, and “Hurry up, Cora,” and Ezra is crawling on the ground pretending to be a cat and Silas is tied to my body. I’ve given up on attempting to appear anything other than harried when I’m there.

Walking through the doors of the Cafe, the three oldest greet their father from 30 feet away with yells and pounding feet. Regardless of what else is going on, they run up to the counter and proceed to tell him everything that has happened in the last 5 hours. All at once. At an ear-piercing decibel. In 10 seconds.

Trying to dish up food for all of us is fun…for the 50 or so college students who are watching me. Constant reminders to sit down are alternated with questions on entrée, side and drink choices. Eli is in the stage where all of the non-caffeinated sodas or juices (or sometimes both) need to be mixed to make up his own special concoction. Ezra, as usual, refuses to eat anything expect pudding and maybe a sucker.

Why do I put myself through this, you may ask.

1) We love to see Josh. We miss him while he’s gone during the day and I wish we could eat lunch with him everyday.

B) There are times when I just need to think, and one of the best ways to think is to strap all of the kids in the car (where they can’t move) and drive. Josh’s job is far enough away that I get some good thinking time in, but not so far that the kids get antsy.

Fourthly, we spend a lot of time in our apartment. Stumbling on top of each other, cleaning up, making a mess, cleaning up again, watching TV and listening to the kids scream at the daycare downstairs. We’re bored, we’re cramped, we want to interact with other people. On the campus there’s a ton of students who want to play, there’s room to stretch our legs and home feels like a destination again instead of a confinement.

I’m not sure why I told you all that, but I’m going to leave it. This is the random workings of a sleep-deprived momma’s brain.

A couple more things:

Did you know we’re smiling now?

Did you hear that Eli won his first school award? Apparently he’s the Shoe Tying Sheriff. I find this interesting, as he insisted that we get him slip on shoes for school because he didn’t want to have to tie his shoes. Such a silly boy!

Thanks for putting up with my random today. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday, after I hopefully get some rest!

Have a great weekend!!

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19 thoughts on “The Life & Times of a Sleep-Deprived Mom

  1. That’s nothing! I keep forgetting October exists! I keep telling people that Jorja is turning 3 next month, on November 8th. And then today I was on the phone making a payment arrangement with the power company, and I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t let me put it off until the first of November, when I get paid! It took me like 5 minutes to realize that I meant October.

    And yes, I am posting this at 3:22 am. Goodnight :)

  2. I like random! :) It makes me feel more normal! And I do my best thinking in the car too. Sometimes it is so nice to have all the kids strapped into feels like a vacation!

    Have a great weekend and I hope you get some rest and relaxation!

  3. Your visual of watching kids run to your husband gave me flashbacks of the girls doing the same thing when we’d visit Noel at campus. No matter how many visits we make, their reaction is always the same and it’s so sweet.

    Think we are due for a lunch date with Dad at arboretum! ;)

    Had a great time with you, girly. I was laughing when my girlfriends invited themselves to come and I had to explain that I was meeting a friend I’d never met!

    1. It really is so cute…which makes everyone tolerate it. :)

      We had a great time too! And I thought it was fun that your friend came along. She was really sweet. Looking forward to Tuesday! :)

  4. Found your blog threw “I should be folding laundry” your comment on her Friday coffee sounded a lot like me for the past 3 months. I only have one beautiful babe who just turned One, but I too end up staying up till 1am…mostly to just enjoy the quiet. I’ve been feeling very scatter brained myself, gotta love those Mommy moments. :)

    1. Beth’s post was so great! :) I’m glad you came over. After spending the entire day listening to my kids wants and complaints, picking up their messes and watching way too much Phineas and Ferb, it’s so nice to have that down time at night where I can do whatever I want. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to go to bed at an appropriate time. I know I need to start getting myself back on a normal schedule though, because it really does make my days go easier. :) Hoping the same for you!

  5. “All week I’ve misplaced what day it is.”

    I just love the way you write! (Yes, I realize that’s a random sentence to quote, but I think it’s brilliant the way you said it…) So fun, different and descriptive.

    Life is busy. I don’t read as many blogs as I used to. I just subscribed to yours.

    I’ve never considered myself a writer, but now I’m doing a lot of writing and I figure I need to learn how to write well. Thanks for teaching me even on your sleep deprived days!

    1. Thank you Kat, that is such a huge encouragement. And I love that you subscribed to my blog. That makes me feel special. :) I don’t consider myself a writer, either. It still freaks me out to call myself that. The one thing I’ve been trying to do lately is to just write every day. I was looking into writing classes or to get my masters, but I just don’t have time for that right now. I also am going to get “On Writing” by Stephen King. I’ve heard it’s a great book for helping you to improve as a writer.

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