Look What You Missed (Again)!

So these posts this week made me want to go out and find a prostitute.

Not because of any reason you possibly are thinking of, but because each one dealt with loving our neighbor; our immediate neighbor.

And no, I’m not calling my neighbors prostitutes.


Gah, you Christians are SO judgmental!

I discovered a new blog this week!

Missy at It’s Almost Naptime!! (sidenote: I want to steal her blog title) is a mother of four children under six (hmm…sounds familiar). She and her husband are also working on adopting a baby (Bethlehem) from Ethiopia (this does not sound familiar…yet).

As she puts it, they’re:

Relying greatly on coffee, grandmas, and God’s abundant grace. (Missy, It’s Almost Naptime!!)

On Monday, Missy called us Christians judgemental.

Well, Humph!

Turns out, we are judgmental. Everyone is.

The problem, she says, is:

…we often turn our beliefs into condemnation. (Missy, It’s Almost Naptime!!)

Ouch! It hurts, cause it’s true!

Instead of condemning those people who are living their lives counter to what we believe the Bible demands, Missy encouraged her readers to follow Jesus’ example:

Because while the Pharisees were wallowing in their own self-righteousness among others who shared their smug superiority, Jesus was out hunting down the prostitute. (Missy, It’s Almost Naptime!!)

I thought that Missy had some great thoughts on a touchy subject. She handled it very well and made me want to immediately go find a prostitute to have over for dinner.

Head on over and check out her post; then we can go out to find dinner guests together!


But Was It Life-Changing?

Lindsey Nobles is the Communications Director at Thomas Nelson.

She also blogs at LindseyNobles.com | I’m Just Saying (yet another blog title I want to snag).

I always enjoy the honesty and genuineness that Lindsey exudes in her writing. I’ve never met her, I probably never will, but she seems so friendly and down-to-earth.

Recently Lindsey traveled to Guatemala with Compassion International as a Compassion Blogger.

She experienced the work that Compassion is doing within Guatemala and got to meet children that are sponsored through the program.

It was one of those opportunities that most would call “epic” or “life-changing.”

In her post this week she focuses on the two questions everyone is asking her:

How was your trip? Was it life-changing? Questions that don’t just make me uncomfortable, questions that make my skin crawl in conviction. Questions that have made me realize how recklessly I have come to use the word “life-changing.” (Lindsey Nobles, LindseyNobles.com)

I loved her response to the question…you should go read it!


Love Stories: the Purse – the Un-hiding

Kelly Langner Sauer was one of the first people I didn’t know in real life who I felt a connection with online. She also writes at Ungrind.org and she is a gifted photographer!

I love the way Kelly sees the world, and how she shares her vision with others through words and pictures.

This week Kelly has also been reading the postings from the Compassion Bloggers.

However, instead of feeling compelled to sponsor a child halfway across the world, or volunteer to go on a trip herself, her reaction was much closer to home.

A complication with her health in 2001 left Kelly feeling helpless and useless for God’s purposes.

In her words:

I became the least of these…I learned that “the least of these” were not just starving children in Africa or Haiti or Guatemala. They weren’t who I thought they were…They were here. In my life. Not across the world. They were my neighbors, the people living and dying as I was – in and out of church. (Kelly Langner Sauer)

In reading her post, I realized along with her that my desire to do something grand for “the least of these” might not be for the right reason:

I want it because it seems easier than caring here, easier than living God to my family and changing diapers as worship and walking into a “secular” job with a God who makes me real instead of professional so I can see and love as He does. (Kelly Langner Sauer)

I encourage you to read the entire post, because she says it all much more beautifully than I ever could!


So that’s what you may have missed this week…

I’d love to find out what your favorite posts from the week are. What did I miss that impacted you?

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