Look What You Missed

In my daily readings I come across posts that grab me for this reason or that.

Today is the day I share them with you!


18-years and half my life

Reading anything from the Gypsy Mama (aka Lisa-Jo) is like having a giant brownie sundae, it makes you happy and you feel a little bit like licking the bowl afterward to get every last taste. One of the highlights of my day is checking out her blog because she has such a way about her.

Born in South Africa, Lisa-Jo has lived on three continents over the last 12 years. She says she and her husband gypsy their way around the globe. She currently lives in the US where she is raising their two boys and is the Community Manager for (In)Courage – another one of my favorite sites.

Sadly, Lisa-Jo lost her mother a week after her 18th birthday. In her post yesterday, “18 years and half my life,” Lisa-Jo shared that on this 18-year anniversary of her mother’s death she realizes that “she will have been gone for more of my life than she was with me.

What I love is the perspective that Lisa-Jo chooses to have from this point forward. Check out her blog post, because I could never say it as beautifully as she does.


In Trouble

I can’t remember how I first met Melissa Runcie, but I’m so glad I did. She and I discovered that we live very close to one another and we’re hoping to one day be able to get together over a cup of Starbucks.

The thing I love about Melissa’s blog is how she combines her faith with art. Her website, Madabella, is a combination of her daughters’ names and her love for her daughters is evident throughout her site.

The post she wrote yesterday about her daughters is definitely one of my favorites from this week, because it was one of the ones I needed to hear the most. There are moments as parents when we can choose to react to our children in our flesh or in a godly manner. Unfortunately I am finding that lately my fleshly response is coming out more than it should.

Melissa writes about an instance in her life where she was the one who got In Trouble, from God through her daughter. It touched on an issue in my own heart that God has been putting pressure on.

I got in trouble, from God through Melissa. It was ok, I needed it.


You’re Affair Can Only Teach Me So Much

Carlos Whittaker is a musician, pastor, creative, speaker, blogger, and his tweets are always interesting. That’s actually how I first discovered him, on Twitter. I had no idea about the other things.

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Twitter stream and saw this:

Your Affair Can Only Teach Me So Much //http://bit.ly/b9B90T

Now that’s an interesting title.

I follow a lot of people’s blogs and tweets who have had affairs and God has restored their marriage. I was intrigued by these stories because growing up I’d thought that if someone cheated that meant the relationship was automatically over.

When I read Carlos’ post I really appreciated what he had to say. He pointed out that there are tons of people writing about what you shouldn’t do in marriage, but the one’s who have been able to maintain a healthy, committed relationship are pretty silent.

I’ve never had much of a testimony, in my mind, because I grew up in the church and wasn’t “saved” from anything. I was a goodie two-shoes. I felt like my testimony was boring compared to others.

That has now extended into my marriage. Yes, Josh and I have our struggles and no, we’re not perfect. But I don’t write that much about the things we’re doing to ensure that we have a healthy marriage. Carlos’ post really got me thinking…


So those are my favorites from this week…I’d love to know what posts you read (or wrote) that I might have missed this week!

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14 thoughts on “Look What You Missed

  1. I totally love me some Madabella and Los…and of course some Lisa-Jo :) love your picks for this week.

    I of course, would add your own post “Lucky” to the mix… it continues to minister to me friend :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I saw that you commented on Loswhit’s post. It’s so weird to see other people I know comment on other blogs. I always wanna say, “Hey! I know you!” haha!

    1. Haha! Of course. I really liked what Carlos had to say. And you had a great list yourself today. Everyone should check it out (click on his name).

    1. I respond in posts without answering the question all the time. The real purpose is conversation, not interviews. :) Thanks for working with the Spirit to bring about such a great post! :) Can’t wait till my schedule calms down some and we can make a date. Haha!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing some of your favorite blogs from last week! :) I clicked on your recomendation of Melissa’s ‘In Trouble’ post and it SO hit home with me too! God is working in me on this and I am so looking forward to her posts this week on the topic of Anger. LOVE your blog and now I have another favorite!!

    1. Did you read the one today on speaking grace? She’s such a gifted writer and she’s being so vulnerable & transparent with this topic. I am really looking forward to the rest this week. :)

  3. yes! I read it..amazing! I am going to print out the language of grace ‘one liners’ at the end of her post and hang it on my fridge!! :) My favorite being…”Grace responds. Not reacts.” Can’t wait for tommorrow’s post!

    1. I’m planning on saving it all because I know I haven’t been able to delve into it the way I want to. Melissa shared some really great insights on the topic! :)

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