Why You Read

I’ve seen several writers put up posts on why they write. It’s usually really interesting and, funnily enough, the same reasons are frequently given: personal fulfillment, creative outlet, calling from God, etc.

What I’m wondering is: Why do you read?

What keeps you coming back here?

I offer up snapshots of my life as a SAHM, a wife, and a Christian woman. Frequently I think of you as I’m writing my posts: questioning if it’s too heavy, too personal or too boring. Occasionally I throw doubt to the wind and just post something because I want to and don’t care if anyone ever reads it or comments on it; I just need to get it out.

But really, I keep coming back and writing here because I want to be known and I want to know. I have trouble with connecting with others. It’s easy for me to let you in and share myself, but I want to engage you and get to know more about your life. Right now it feels the same to me as when I write in my journal. It always surprises me when someone tells me they’ve read my blog, and maybe that’s something you never get over.

The reason I started this blog was because as a SAHM I get lonely and I long for adult interaction. I want to connect. I want to spur conversation and even debate. Fear, insecurity and lack of experience seem to hold me back.

To get a better idea of who comes here and what you’re interested in finding once you are here I’ve created a survey!

I’d appreciate your feedback on this and, just so you know, I’m not fishing for compliments. My intention is to make this a place of community, a place where I can come to share a piece of myself and get to know you better. Blogging takes away time in my day: from my kids, from my spouse, from my home. I want to ensure that I’m making the most of that time by producing content that will end in a greater development of community here.

And, can I just say a big Thank You to those of you who do come here and view my latest ramblings. Your comments and interaction are what keep me going. I have had moments in the last month where I’ve thought about shutting down my blog; lack of sleep, brain cells and energy have taken their toll. But the thing that kept me from hitting that delete button was the relationships I’ve found here. Through blogging and Twitter I’ve discovered this whole group of people I’ve never met who all get together daily to chat. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been inspired, encouraged and supported. So thank you for that and I wish I could send you all a present…

Instead I’ll give you a super-cute picture of my baby…because I’m a mom and I think everyone wants to look at him always! :)

Click here to take the survey…it’s quick, I promise!


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23 thoughts on “Why You Read

  1. I read because I love and miss your family so much. Its funny to me that even though you live so far away, I feel closer to you now then when you were living here, and its not because I stalk your facebook or your blog. It may have been the age difference when i was like 15 and u were 24 or something? But I have grown up now and can have a conversation with my older full of wisdom cousin, and her husband who I can honestly say is just as much my cousin as you and your siblings are. As well as your children, they are probably the highlight of my life (or year)… ( and Kristinas, we were talking and she was like “Ugh Angelina, I’m going upstairs” and started to walk away… and i said “WAIT! theres a cute video of Cora you have to see! Melissa JUST put it up!” {this was obviously from todays video}… She was sitting next to me again ten seconds later. lol ) Any opportunity any of us have to see you is appreciated, and anytime we get to chat is always a “delight” lol.
    Also I get bored really easily and you are kind of an okay writer. lol ;)
    Love you. Please move home. We only get one life… and it would be a shame for you to waste it on only Josh and the kids. :)
    Good night homie.

    1. You crack me up! It is fun hanging out with you guys as adults. I loved spending time with you when you were little…I remember crying when I couldn’t see you for a month or so. But it has been so cool to get to see you out there doing your thing and getting to know Ian and Jacob better (we didn’t see Teddy much – haha!) I know Josh doesn’t view you as in-laws, he’s known you for over 13 years and he’s been there for so much. I love your comment about 1 life, might have to use that one on him. :) Love you!

    1. It’s been so fun getting to know you Kelly! You’re one of the people I thought of when I felt like quitting. I would miss you. :)

  2. No deleting aloud! I love your blog Melissa! I come here to read what you have to say because I can relate to the SAHM thing, lonely feelings, and needing to connect with other women. I don’t always comment on your blog but I am always encouraged!

    Love you roomie! :)

    1. Haha! I don’t delete comments…especially nice ones. :) Thanks Dana! I still find it to be such a coincidence that we’ve been apart for almost 10 years and yet our lives have so much in common. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with you here and on FB. Love you too! :)

  3. I read because you entertain, interest, and challenge me. Also because I miss you guys, but if that were the whole reason, I would read all my old friends’ blogs. Your is engaging and well-written. I relate to much of your content and appreciate the stimulation (intellectual and spiritual) that it brings to my day. My days can sometimes be lonely as a SAHM and it is nice to connect. It is fun to watch your family grow and to have a way to feel connected, even if there is not a lot of interaction. :-)

    Thanks for sticking with it.

    1. Thanks Haley! It was so fun to see you, Luke and London last month. I keep up with you 3 (soon-to-be-4) on your blogs too. :) It really has been a great way to keep in touch when we’re far away. I appreciate your kind words, they really encouraged me. I so value your friendship and wish we lived closer so we could hang out together instead of feeling lonely. Love you!

  4. He is adorable.

    I read cause I learn. I have lately connected more with people over this thing called the internet (it’s apparently all the rage ;-) ) more than in real life. I like the challenges of what I read.

    1. Today I read a post by Jon Acuff that totally challenged me! I love that too. I also have found that I’m connecting with people more over the internet than any other medium lately. It’s easier for me to comment on a blog, Facebook page or Twitter than to call someone or write an email. Probably because I’ve got four mouths to feed, four bums to wipe (ugh – so done with that!), a house to battle (I think I’m losing) and some sleep to snag. Haha!

  5. I can’t remember which post you hooked me with, but I subscribed and haven’t looked back. You are insightful, fun, and honest so keep up the good work. :)

    Also, I’ve never been rewarded in cute baby pictures, but it was kinda nice!

    1. It’s crazy to me that through my desire to connect with others I have gotten to know a pastor in Alaska! I always appreciate the insight you bring to my posts and the advice you’ve given me. Thanks for the feedback, Jason!

  6. First and foremost, I read because I miss you. I also read because I have always cared about what you have to say. I probably don’t comment because I don’t think of your writing for me and my interaction, but I read every single post (I might take this post as encouragement to comment more). I love your kids and your furry little husband, so I never get tired of the personal anecdotes. I can feel just a little more in touch with some of my favorite people. Thanks for putting this all out there.

  7. Um, I have to read because sometimes you write about me and I have to defend myself. I think that’s why mom does too.

    Actually I look forward to your new posts. It’s gotten so much harder the last few years to pick up the phone and have time for a real conversation. I like that I can sit down in my free time and catch up with you, even if at that moment you are putting 4 kids to bed, or herding them through a grocery store, or having some quiet time with your husband. Even Jonathan will come and read over my shoulder if he sees an email with a new blog post. We love the great pictures of the kids and the engaging, insightful way you write. Please don’t stop!

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