O Brother!

This is my brother, Darren…and his lovely bride, Dani. Isn’t she stunning?! He’s pretty good-looking, too.

Almost two weeks ago I watched my little brother as he stood at the altar and became a Mr. and Mrs. Thankfully I had Silas and Ezra to distract me because, let me tell you, I started crying the minute he and his groomsmen entered the church sanctuary. The wedding hadn’t even begun and I was struggling to hold back the tears.

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived away from him for the majority of the past decade, but I still picture him as 10-years-old. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they let 10-year-olds get married!

As we spent the week leading up to the wedding at bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners and decorating sessions we had an opportunity to get to know the people who Darren and Dani hang out and minister with. What a great group of friends he & his new wife have to support them as they step into married life! As sad as I am to be living far away from them, I’m equally grateful to know that they have people to turn to for advice, prayer and encouragement.

When Josh and I got married God provided us with an amazing group of friends; friends that we still turn to today despite the fact that we all live in different states. When you get married it’s easy to think that now you have one person who will fulfill all of your needs. It’s unrealistic to expect your husband or wife to meet every need you have. Guys need to hang out with other guys and girls need to have girlfriends to turn to.

Ok, I’m done with my soapbox and will get back to the wedding…

Eli was very excited when they asked him to be the ring bearer. Isn’t he handsome in his little tux?

He took his job so seriously and looked way too grown up there on the stage. Maybe another reason I felt like crying.

Cora was asked to be the flower girl and we spent 15 minutes curling her hair that morning. Unfortunately she has hair like her mother, which does not hold a curl. Luckily Devon got one shot with the curl.

It was a great day full of celebration, visiting with friends and family, and CUPCAKES!

Oh, and naps…

So, congratulations Darren & Dani! We love you and were so honored to be a part of your special day!

** A special thank you to Devon Michelle Photography for letting me use these great shots from the wedding! Check out her blog & Facebook page for more of the bride, groom & wedding party. Also, follow her on Twitter (@DevonMichelle). If you live in the Washington area I would highly recommend her!

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16 thoughts on “O Brother!

  1. I also love your brother… who is my cousin. He is one of my favorite people to be around and has been there for a lot of hard times for me. Your entire family is such a blessing for us Valiani’s… Thanks for being here when we all need you guys the most. Can’t wait for all our family reunions with all of our babies and spouses… That will be a sight. :/ I’m kind of getting anxiety just thinking about it. lol
    Love you… Miss you… Tell Josh and the kids I love them too!

    1. Haha! At first I wondered why you added that Darren was your cousin. But then I realized that not everyone who reads this would know that and then you’d look like a creepy stalker of a married man. :) Which you’re not. We love us some Valianis! And you’re right…I have a headache thinking about a family reunion where we’d all have spouses and children. It’s advertisement for Aleve already with just mine and Janelle’s kids. :) But I’m excited for the day you girls start having babies because they’re gonna be scrumptious, just like you were (are). Love you!!!

    1. Thanks! The photographer is a friend of mine and it was so fun to have her there capturing those memories. You should check out her website because she took some fantastic pictures!

  2. I love the picture of Eli eating the cupcake with what appears to be a carrot on the plate in front of him. I completely agree carrots are good, but cupcakes are better.

    The picture of Cora is beautiful.

    **As a random side…I have another twitter friend who has a son named Eli, and a daughter named Cora. :)

    1. Those cupcakes were heavenly! We brought home a bunch from the wedding and now that they’re gone I’ve been craving them. :)

      When Josh and I were trying to come up with a name for Silas we found this website that would suggest sibling names based on your existing children’s names. It was interesting that Elijah & Cora came up as sibling names for each other. Apparently we fit a pattern. I love their names though. And you should introduce me to your Twitter friend because I’m sure I’d like her. Haha!

  3. Awww, so sweet. And it’s good to say it early and often: married people need other friendships too. We can keep from a lot of unnecessary heartache with that advice!

    Your kids are too cute. :)

    1. That was something that took me a long time to be ok with. I felt rejected at first when my husband wanted to go out with the guys without me. Part of that was my lack of girlfriends. Once I learned how important it was for me to have my own friends (a whole nother post) I recognized how much it enriched our marriage to have those relationships.

  4. This was so nice of you :) Thanks for doing this. I’ve been so surprised how supported and surrounded we’ve been through this awesome season of our lives. We couldn’t have done it without all our family and friends giving us that encouragement when needed. Love you tons!

    1. Love you! Hopefully you continue to feel supported throughout your marriage because that’s what we’re here for. That’s why we all came to your wedding. We not only wanted to see you make that commitment to Dani but also we’ve committed to help you keep your vows however we can.

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