I love…

I love how he scrunches his feet up to his body as I’m swaddling him, like he’s anticipating the coziness.

I love how his face lights up in joy when he smiles, although it’s probably just a toot.

I love the smell of his head as he’s cuddled up on my chest, full of milk and ready for a nap.

I love his little size 1 diapers, and I’m sad that we’re officially out of the newborn size.

I love his tightly clenched fists as he’s eating, and especially when it’s clenched around my pinky.

I love getting to know this little man and how new and exciting it is…even though he’s Baby #4.

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3 thoughts on “I love…

    1. It’s going too fast!! Maybe because I know he’s the last one. I looked at him in the nursing mother’s room at NWC and thought, “He’s not a newborn anymore.” Silly thought with a then 4-week-old, I know. But even switching from saying his age in weeks instead of days felt like a loss. You know. He’s wonderful though and I’m in love. :) Blessings on you, Mama!

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