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Confession: I’m addicted to the Solitaire App on my iPhone.

I know. I know. All the technology that my iPhone is capable of…and I’m playing Solitaire. Don’t judge me.

I play while I’m nursing. I play when I can’t sleep. I play to relax. It might actually be turning into a problem.

I can’t stop. There’s something about flipping over those cards, hoping to find an ace or that card I need to win.

Even when I do win, I don’t pause to enjoy it. I instantly begin a new game. It’s pathetic.

I sit there, in my green oversized recliner chair, playing Solitaire with the sound of vuvuzelas in the background as my husband watches the latest recorded World Cup game. Slowly the battery on my phone drains down. 19%…11%…6%…finally at 1% the spinning cog lets me know that my iPhone is spent and I need to recharge.

I knew I needed to stop. I knew the battery was about to die. I knew I was running on empty. But something in me compelled me to keep going. I was enjoying it. I needed to finish the game. I’d formed a habit.

Once my phone was dead, that was it. I couldn’t keep playing. I couldn’t force it to turn back on. The only option I had was to plug it in and wait for it to recharge.

How many times do we find ourselves running on empty? We know we need to rest. The signs all point to an impending shut down, but we keep playing/working/going. However, unlike the situation with my phone, we don’t take the time to recharge. We seem to expect that we will be able to continue on without the rest and refreshment that we so desperately need.


I’ve been guilty of draining more than my phone battery lately. I’m not taking advantage of those times when I know I should rest. That’s gonna change though! I’m choosing to acknowledge that I’m in need of a period of rest. The physical, mental and emotional toll on my body in the last few months has been great. Travel, grief, pregnancy, celebration, and caring for a newborn have all left me drained. I have nothing left to give and it’s time for me to recognize that and recharge instead of pushing myself onward.

In Mark 6, Jesus calls His disciples to come away with Him to a secluded place for a period of rest. They were so busy doIng His work that frequently they didn’t even have time to eat…hmmm, sound familiar? If Jesus calls them away from their ministry to take time to rest, who am I to say I am not in need of that same time of refreshing?

In a couple of days we head out again. My brother is getting married and we will be “vacationing” in our home state with family & friends. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing them to Silas, I know that this has the potential to drain me even more.

So, I’m being intentional:

  • to allow others to help me when they offer, and ask when they don’t.
  • to not overbook our days, but to instead focus on what’s best for us and our kids.
  • to enjoy this time with my children while they’re young and my husband while he’s off work.

Last week I posted about this topic and the overwhelming response I received was to embrace the moment. I was so encouraged by what you all had to say and it really was a reminder I needed to hear. I have a tendency to drain the battery, focus on the task at hand and just worry about getting through.

Regardless of how addicted I am to Solitaire, and how much I want to keep playing, when my battery dies I have no choice but to recharge it.

God’s showing me that the same is true for my body, mind and spirit. I will be spending the next few weeks plugged in: to Him, to my husband and children and to what’s happening in my life. I will savor the moment, stop and smell the roses and treasure it all up in my heart.

I pray that you are able to do the same as well!

**I’m linking this post to Emily’s Tuesdays Unwrapped because I’m so thankful for how much people who I’ve never met helped me to feel encouraged and ok with taking a break. That is yet another unexpected blessing I’ve found through this blog!

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13 thoughts on “Unplugged

    1. Praying for you this morning Kelly. May God help you to embrace in the moments of rest and times of peace that He provides you. Praying that you are able to enjoy your children, your husband, your home instead of only seeing responsibility and needs. God bless you today!

  1. Great thoughts and practical ideas. Being intentional is what it takes. I wrote about a different topic today, but ‘being intentional’ was front and center. It’s so important!

    Blessings to you, Melissa, and rest well. :)

    1. Being forced to take it one day at a time has been really good for me. I’m quite the overplanner and God is teaching me that I have to just keep my eyes focused on Him and trust that He knows where He’s going. :)

  2. Yes! Unplug! I’m going to unplug right after this comment! ;) A couple months ago the Lord “allowed” my internet and phone to turn off…and He made it so abundantly clear that time was to spent with Him! How refreshing that time was…need that again.

    Now…unplugging in 3…2….1!

    Blessings to you!

    1. In the last few weeks I’ve taken a step back from social media. I’ve still gone online, but not nearly as much as I was. I’m sure that will extend into these next few weeks of travel. :)

  3. Great post. I don’t have a phone (a cellphone I mean, I have a housephone and an answering machine for when I”m out), but I do know how addicting solitaire can be haha. I’ve played it with real cards too many times to count.

  4. i quit facebook about 4 months ago. it might’ve saved my life. erm…. mostly kidding?? :)
    i was a bejeweld blitz addict among other things and when i realized one day that i’d spent ALL day on the computer and practically no time w/ my boys i felt ashamed. i quit that day and have even stopped missing it! i still get on the computer way too much, but i’ve also forced myself to be intentional w/ their play and rest times… and mine as well!!

    you just keep snuggling and smelling that new babe and recieve the help that you can… and yes, step back as much as you need to… your handy solitaire can keep you company for a few weeks!!! (c’mon, as lovely as nursing newborns can be (!!) you can also get bored…. i totally would play solitaire if i had an iphone!!!)

    1. Thanks Misty! I have definitely taken a step back on Facebook & Twitter in the last few months. But, I have also built some strong relationships with people I’ve met online that have become very encouraging and supportive for me. So, I’m working on balance. I think my problem is expectations – ones I have for myself and ones I think others have for me. I’m learning that the “exceeds expectations” box doesn’t always have to be checked. :) Way to go on being more intentional about time with your boys! I too have succumbed to the power of Bejeweled Blitz…yet another iPhone app. Haha!

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