Today, this…

…changes to this…

My baby girl. My Princess Pootie Pants. I look at her and see her already as a teenager.

Soon (the waiting is killing me) her third brother will be arriving. Out of four she will be one. She is singular.

In so many ways I’m discovering how different we are. I don’t always understand her and that terrifies me. I want to embrace the things that make us different and not work to change her. She’s constantly baffling me.
Today, I’m grateful for my daughter. I’m grateful for…

* one hundred ninety-ninety – the number she made up, the one that is bigger than any other number, the one that describes her love for us.

* “the best dinner ever” – her joyful comment over every meal I make for her…regardless of it being one I’ve slaved over for the entire day or frozen chicken nuggets & mac n’cheese (her favorite dinner that we will have tonight).

* imagination that inspires “Taylor’s texting me” and “My baby’s sleeping so you need to be quiet Mommy.”

* “I wanna hold you” – because nothing’s sweeter than those little arms wrapped around your neck.

Today I’m grateful that in a pack of boys and men, my daughter and I stand together – “Because we’re girlses.”

Happy Birthday Cora Elyce!


12 thoughts on “Four

  1. Oh, I love that, “Because we’re girlses”! Precious mama memories. My little one’s number is 700… that he will love us for 700 days means forever. Continuing in prayer for your new arrival! :)

    1. I love that she says that too! It’s great having a daughter…as scared as I was of it. :) Thanks for the sweet comment and the prayers, Susan!

  2. What a sweet post! First I thought the baby was here, but realized it’s little baby Cora. Happy Birthday, dear girl :)

    1. Nope! Still waiting on #4 to get here. I actually went into L&D today thinking I was having him…but my doctor sent me home. I’m starting to not like that guy! :) Anyways, it looks like Cora’s special day is going to remain all her own. I’ll keep you posted though!

    1. I’m trying to record and remember as much as I can! It’s getting harder now that we’re soon to have 4 kids. That’s why I love keeping a blog, it is a great reminder of where we were and what we did. :)

  3. Love it! Girlses. So sweet. She’ll be your confidant and giggle partner for years to come.

    My youngest quit saying I wanna hold you when he was around 6. I’ve always written everything funny he says on our wall calendar. He’s caught on now (at 8) and asks me, “You’re not going to write that on the calendar, are you?” anytime he says something funny. One of our favorite pastimes is getting out the old calendars and reading his “Ethanisms” now.

    1. What a great idea! I had started writing things down in a notebook but found I wasn’t keeping up with it too well. I put some of them in their baby books though. :)

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