Under the Surface

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It began with flutters that caused me to question what I was feeling. Is it the baby or my imagination? Over the next few weeks the movements grew stronger and took on a pattern. I knew at 5 AM when I couldn’t sleep that the baby would be awake too, jumping, bumping and swirling inside.

Now we’re at the stage where Josh and the kids can feel it happening. They can experience the growth I’ve known for the past few months. It’s no longer a private thing, but has become visible on the outside.

Yet still there is more to come. The internal calisthenics of my growing son will get stronger and become visible to more than my family. Then, on a day I don’t know, he’ll come out and we’ll all see what this new life is like.


Over the past few months there has been more growing inside of me than Baby #4.

I could sense it, questioned it. In moments of stillness I could feel movement. A new person is being formed.

It is not something I can control. It is not something I can take credit for. It is not something I can time.

God is doing a new thing in me and all I can do is sit back and wait to see what it looks like.


Be still and know.

These words have taken on new meaning for me. I’m not good at being still. I always felt like I was at my best when life was hectic. I’m an “in the moment” person. Knowing was something I prided myself in. I felt like I knew a lot.

Then God showed me that my activity, my knowledge, was misplaced. It was all to glorify myself. There’s more to that verse:

“Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10a

The point isn’t just to spend time in silence and stillness, waiting for Him to tell me something I could put into action. The point is to realign myself with the truth: He is God.

I can sense Him putting off my old self. The process of renewing my mind has been occurring without my assistance. I don’t know yet what the new self will look like.

In His timing, to His glory, changes are happening. Just like the movements of Baby #4, right now they’re still under the surface. Slowly I sense them growing stronger and becoming visible to those around me. When they are ready…when He is ready…it will burst forth in a new life.

“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up;
do you not perceive it?”
Isaiah 43:18-19a

** Bonnie at Faith Barista is talking about New Steps today. As part of her After the Rain series she discusses how she’s saying Yes to Joy. Join me and others as we link up together, sharing the new things God is doing in our lives.

12 thoughts on “Under the Surface

  1. Melissa, I love the analogy of your spiritual growth with the formation and growth of our physical selves… our precious babies. It makes me consider how God really sees no difference. He fashions a new person in body… he fashions a new person in spirit. Love that.

  2. We were just blessed with the birth of our first grandchild. He’s now three weeks old, and I’m struck by wonder at what God is doing with this new life. One thing I know He’s doing is blessing me. Good post, Melissa.

  3. Melissa!! I didn’t know you were expecting! Congratulations!!!

    Oh, and here I was tempting you with In-N-Out last week… !

    “I could sense it, questioned it. In moments of stillness I could feel movement. A new person is being formed. 
    It is not something I can control. It is not something I can take credit for. It is not something I can time. ”

    Thank you for reminding me to listen in quiet and stillness for God’s movement in me.

    What a timely word to add to the Faith Barista Jam today as we all consider the newness God has for us. THank you!

  4. ah, beautiful and I never would have thought about that connection since I haven’t had babies yet!

  5. What a great post. I can relate to both aspects: the baby growth and the spiritual growth, both growing beneath the surface but soon to “burst forth” so to speak. I hadn’t thought about it with that connection before, but now everytime I feel baby move, it will remind me of spiritual growth too.

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