Let the Madness Begin!

While most of the country is still complaining about snow, spring has come to Southern California! Don’t start throwing things at me!

In front of my house there is a field, which is dusty and barren for most of the year. It is now carpeted with a thick green blanket, thanks to a dousing of seasonal rain. Everywhere I look new life is pushing its way to up to the surface, reminding this Washington girl of the state she grew up in. The hills outside my kitchen window have transformed themselves from their normal dry, brown color to a lush emerald. It’s beautiful and exciting.

Sadly, this transformation associated with springtime is not confined to the area around me…it is once again occurring in my home as well.

Each Spring, for the last few years, a change has come over Josh. He suddenly is seized with a terrible illness. Although not serious, this month-long malady causes such a metamorphosis in him that he becomes unrecognizable as the man I know the rest of the year.

It is called March Mustache Madness.

Can you see the crazy in his eyes?

I put up with it…

But he better beware of No-Shave November…

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12 thoughts on “Let the Madness Begin!

  1. Oh, goodness.

    I can’t believe you made me look at all those pictures of your husband. Oh my. Really. I would sleep in a different room during March & November.


    1. Haha! Josh was very hurt that you said you would sleep in another room. :) He’s really very nice…despite the creepy appearances.

  2. Please tell Josh that he is being a very bad influence. I have only narrowly avoided March Mustache Madness the past couple of years. But I may not be so lucky next year. Before we know it, there will be clever rhyming names for every month in order not to shave!

  3. Jonathan usually has some facial hair, which i mostly like, but one morning he appeared before church with his mustache/goatee combo shaved into a perfect square around his mouth. It looked really stupid. He refused to fix it until I let him know that i would not look at him until he turned back into my husband. That worked for me. Oh and No-Shave November? Around my house that lasts from October to March, and it’s called “Winter.”

    1. Haha! Maybe you deserved to be tortured with his facial hair then. :) Josh used to listen to a song that said, “Husbands in winter, they know the truth.” Heehee!

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