We were going to a surprise party for our friend’s birthday and I was supposed to bring a dessert. I had been planning on making banana bread with the over-ripe fruit sitting on my counter. I also had 3 lbs of cream cheese in my fridge that hadn’t become a cheesecake for Valentine’s Day.

Banana cake!

I love cooking with the kids, despite the extra time and mess that is a result. I’m hoping to inspire one of them to become a professional chef someday – you know, have them live out my dream. At the very least, I hope that they remember how much joy, creativity and love can be involved in making food for others.

We gathered our ingredients, put on our aprons (Elijah was bummed he didn’t have one), and started dumping, cracking, mashing and mixing. I let the kids break their own eggs – Eli did good, Cora needed two tries. They each got to measure, pour and turn on the mixer.

After baking and cooling, I did the frosting and the kids helped with the decorations. I am no where near a cake decorator, but it was fun to break out my piping bag.

It took a day for the kitchen, and the pregnant mommy, to recover…but it was worth it.

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  1. Yum!!!! I love banana bread and the cake sounds delicious! Glad you had fun with the kiddos–I do love cooking with kids even though they make the whole process a tad more risky :)

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