The Story of Us…

{February 24, 2001}

15 years ago…an insecure girl saw a funny guy at church and wished he would go with her to a dance…but she didn’t say anything.

14 years ago…they became friends and she used her car to spend more time with him…he made her laugh and he was kinda cute.

13 years ago…their friendship became more and he asked her to be his girlfriend (twice)…she’d never seen such a big rose.

12 years ago…high school ended and they wondered what God had next for them.

11 years ago…boy and girl started college…wanting to learn to be a man and woman of God.

10 years ago…their love became more and he asked her to be his wife (once)…she’d never said “amazing” so many times in her life.

9 years ago…she walked down the aisle…embarrassed that all the eyes were on her…only having eyes for him.

8 years ago…they learned how hard love can be…but trusted that God would get them through…and He did…and they grew.

7 years ago…they left all their friends and tried to lead…she watched him become the pastor she’d always seen in him.

6 years ago…they welcomed a son…the copy of his father…the beginning of a family.

5 years ago…they experienced pain, grief and disappointment…they took turns supporting each other…and God brought them through.

4 years ago…a copy of her…a daughter…daddy’s little girl.

3 years ago…they returned to college…to finish what God begun…older, hopefully wiser and slightly more cynical

2 years ago…another boy…unexpected, even more like his father and such a squishy face.

1 year ago…life got overwhelming…they fought…not against each other, but for their marriage, their family and the plan God had for them…He was faithful and again, brought them through.

Today…She loves him more than ever…she has seen his love pulled, tested and reshaped and knows it stands strong…she has seen him grow from a funny boy into a strong man…respected, admired and more than she could have ever hoped for.

I love you Joshie! Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary!

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  1. bahava says:

    cute! i love how the post is set-up :) and god is definitely faithful!

    1. Melissa says:

      Yes, He is! I know we wouldn’t have made it without His direct hand in our lives. He’s faithful even in those times when we forgot to be.

  2. Christy says:

    that is so cool! you 2 are awesome individually… but together God has done something incredibly amazing! wow! May He continue to bless your marriage, family & may you both continue to walk in obedience! love you guys! =)

    1. Melissa says:

      Thanks, Christy! It’s been fun becoming a part of your guys’ family and figuring out what it means to be a Brotherton. So far I’ve learned that the most important thing is to have a sense of humor. Haha! Love you too…and praying for you with all God’s doing in your life!

  3. Clever way of sharing your story I like it!

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