Outgrowing Tradition

My baby is no longer a baby. I still call him baby though. I’ll probably do that for the rest of his life.

Elijah LOVES his special night. It’s the one night of the week where the focus is all on him and we do what he wants to do.

He reads, sings, plays guitar with daddy, cuddles, and talks…and we pay attention. There’s no sister to interrupt. No brother to distract. It’s all about him.

He sleeps in our bed with us all night; curled up against my back, mouth wide open, snoring.

What do we do now that he’s getting too big? Josh frequently gets fed up and goes out on the couch in the middle of the night because there’s not room for the three of us in the bed. My little baby who used to nestle in the crook of my arm at night now takes up half of the bed.

I don’t want to give up those special nights. It’s just another reminder that I can’t hold them close forever. He’s only 5! For him, and me, it’s not the same to say he can fall asleep in our bed and we’ll move him later. The late night cuddling, the sound of his breathing has always been a relief for me. It reminds me of when he was little and I would sleep with the monitor next to my ear, reassuring myself that he was still alive.

What do you do when your child starts to outgrow a tradition?

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